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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crank Brothers Pedals/cleats in snow

With trepidation, I tried out new cleats and pedals (Crank Brothers Candy C) today because I've heard that they don't get clogged with snow as easily as others. I said 'with trepidation' because, in the past, using new cleats/pedals has always involved falling over a few times until I become proficient at disengaging the cleats from the pedals.

If you're not a cyclist, you might've seen the hysterical sight of a cyclist arriving at a red light and falling over sideways for no apparent reason. Undoubtedly, the cyclist was learning to use a new cleat/pedal combination. Well, I didn't have any falls today, and I love my new pedals. It's true - neither the cleats nor the pedals clogged with snow. About 2" of new snow covered the trails today. Thus, they eliminated a big frustration of riding in new snow.

I've used Speedplay Frogs for years, and I've loved them for everything but snow. Snow adheres to both the cleats and the pedals, and I've ended up with big snowballs on my cleats in the past. The Frogs have more rotation float than the Crank Brothers which may make them better for riders with knee issues. However, I suspect that the rotational float of the Crank Brothers system will increase as the cleats get broken in.

I planned to use the Crank Brothers pedals only on my new Fatback bike which I'll use for deeper snow riding. However, after today, I think that I'll get a pair for my Stumpjumper also.

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