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Sunday, October 23, 2022

A pair of Golden Eagles vie for a Deer Carcass

 A mountain lion killed a deer in a gully near our house. Our ever faithful sniffer, Shyla, found it the next morning. Most of the meat had been consumed overnight.

During the next day, a Golden Eagle claimed the carcass, much to the dismay of the Magpies who had been feasting on it. The Magpies don't give up easily, and they tugged on the tail feathers of the Golden Eagle to try to make him leave. It didn't work.

Then, the big excitement happened. A second Golden Eagle showed up. The two eagles had a kerfuffle over the carcass. One claimed it, and the other one was relegated to pecking on a leg about 10 yards away.

 Please be aware that there are views of a deer carcass in this video. 





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Friday, October 21, 2022

An Intruder

Yesterday was a rough day. We have a closed gate on our driveway with "no trespassing" and "beware of dogs" signs on it. We have a very reactive dog (Hachi) , and we don't want a stranger to meet him. For the second time this week, a person opened the gate and drove down our half mile driveway that is posted with those same signs repeatedly. The guy yesterday then walked around our house looking in the windows (I was home but didn't see him). 

Then, he drove partway back up the driveway, parked, and walked around. At that time, Shyla and I headed up the driveway for a morning outing. We saw the trespasser, and I said "May I help you? You came in via my signed and closed gate.". The guy was belligerent, saying that I had no right to cut off access to my private driveway. He told 2 different lies about why he was there. 
After me telling him to leave about 25 times, his anger escalated, and things got really ugly. My neighbor, a tall tough guy, became aware of the altercation, and he came to my rescue. The trespasser finally fled (but I got a photo of his car and plate before he left). I am so grateful to our neighbor. The sheriff is tracking down the trespasser.
I am shaken. Although we don't want to, we will now have to lock our gate all the time. Although trespassing has happened many times, this incident has made us feel truly unsafe. We also fear for Hachi and all strangers who might meet him accidentally when they show up unannounced. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, most of all Hachi.


Sunday, October 16, 2022

Home in Autumn

This is home. The house will be a natural wood color by next fall but that doesn't matter so much. The land is what is really home.


I've been posting on IG ( and FB ( regularly over the past year. I am going to share the photos from those posts here because some people don't do those sites.

I feel as if I am slowly coming out of the self-imposed shell. Some peace is returning.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The beauty and the pain

A juxtaposition of brilliant aspens and a hovering black cloud. I soon was pelted with hail. Life is a study in contrast between the beauty and the pain.