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Monday, March 26, 2018

Life with an Elk Herd Nearby

I remember when we first moved here years ago. I was completely fascinated with our winter elk herd. One of our neighbors who is now gone informed me that I'd view them as "nothing but a nuisance" within a few years. It hasn't happened.

The herd hung out near our house the other day, and I stalked them with my long lens. First, I focused on the biggest bull elk who is still with the herd. The biggest bulls go off on their own in small bachelor herds.

The remaining guy stood tall over his herd-mates.

He also stood tall over a much younger bull elk - a "spike".

The cows outnumbered the bulls by at least 10 to 1.

It is said that the elder cows are in charge of the herd. One lead cow decides where the herd should go and the route that they should take.

The less mature cow elk just clown around!
Needless to say, my neighbor's jaded attitude didn't rub off on me. I'll never cease to enjoy sitting quietly to watch our elk herd.

I have some footage from a trail cam that has been within an elk herd a few times this winter which I'll share soon. As a hint, what I love about the video is it demonstrates how vocal elk are. They seem to constantly be talking among themselves, especially at night when there are no humans around to hear them.


  1. Hari OM
    They are beautiful... YAM xx

  2. he is MAGNIFICENT! I am with you and just showed this to Bob, he said he would never get tired of these guys either, then he said I even enjoy seeing our possums and raccoons, imagine seeing these in your yard.

  3. WOW! They are amazing and so are your photos!

  4. I wouldn't tire of it. I love watching elk. They should be losing the antlers soon, right?

  5. I was so surprised the first time I heard elk bugling - I was expecting a deep sound. But that "bugle" thing should have been a clue, right?!
    Your former neighbor's comment reminded me of a friend (now gone) who used to call white-tail deer "just rabbits with longer legs" because of her unending battles to keep them out of her garden. I have rarely seen deer or moose on my property and never - knock on wood - inside my perimeter fence. For which I am grateful. Outside the fence is close enough to admire :)

  6. They would always be a glorious sight, how could we ever get tired of seeing a magnificent animal with his herd of ladies?

  7. We really enjoy seeing them and learning so much about them from you. Hope they stick around:)

  8. Elk ARE a rather noisy lot but one who always manage to entertain both auditory and visually. Immensely impressive creatures.

  9. What a treat to get to see such a beautiful herd of elk. We can't wait to see the video.

  10. I can't imagine getting tired of seeing those beautiful creatures
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. I'm with you...I never tire of watching the antics of our local Elk herds either!

  12. I can't imagine ever getting tired of wildlife!


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