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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Wild Caturday

Today, I have a story of a mountain lion marking spot and how the lion scent scared a bobcat so much that he used a fast "combat crawl" to get away.

The story started with a mountain lion at the usual lion drinking spot. It is eerie how similar this photo is to the images from some earlier lion visits to this spot. I suspect that this particular lion has been here before.

After drinking her fill, this lion walked onward to a spot where male lions have scraped the ground a zillion times to mark their territory. She was very interested in the scents. After sniffing the ground carefully, she raised her head high to sniff the air. She didn't mark - which is why I think that this lion is a "she".

Just a few days later, a bobcat approached the marking area from the other direction. He sniffed and lay down in one of the mountain lion "scrapes".

The scent seemed very alarming to him. He crawled with his belly almost on the ground to exit the area very fast.

For contrast, here is a very relaxed bobcat visiting a stock tank for a drink. I actually never expected to get video of a bobcat visiting this water source!
As you can see in the video, the bobcat at the stock tank moved in a much more relaxed way than the bobcat in lion territory.

Here's a short video of these feline stars!


  1. that bobcat has the right idea, keep a low profile and keep on moving... I noticed the bobcat tale is very short, the mountain lions have long tales. makes me wonder why... beautiful cats, all of them... they look happy and healthy and for that I am glad

  2. It's so much fun watching these cats go about their daily routines.

  3. Nice balancing act on the edge of the stock tank by that bobcat:) We are so happy when you have videos of the wildlife there - so interesting to watch and see your commentary.

  4. So like our ginger cat, when not sure he will get right down low, And a handy tank for a drink, fantastic videos.

  5. I always love seeing the big cats in action around your home.

  6. These kitties are much more interesting than the domestic kind.

  7. It's fascinating to watch. I guess those smaller cats (I was going to say "little cats" but bobcats aren't that little - lol) don't want to mess with the bigger ones!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. I loved the videos - It does make you wonder why the first Bobcat was spooked by the scent. Or maybe it was something else it sensed? Either way, it's a good reminder to listen to those instincts! :-)

    PS: I've missed visiting your blog!

  9. OMC! Those are great videos! Ma says I drink louder than that Mountain Lion! BOL! That Bobcat was certainly antsy abouts somethings.
    Ruby ♥

  10. These were the purrfect videos before meeting a friend for coffee at the local feline cafe!

  11. Love seeing the cat on the stock tank. Incredible!


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