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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bathing Bear Time of Year

'Tis the season when bears love to take baths. They are so cute and hilarious as they scrub and soak their bodies.

A sow, perhaps "Mohawk", arrived at a small water hole and headed straight into the water.

Mohawk is a youngster, probably about three years old, who is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine. She dove right in and took a thorough bath.

Her mother taught her well. She scrubs her face magnificently. She used her paws to rub her face repeatedly during this bath.

She scratched her chin with her hind paw.

She took breaks to shake off the mud. She shook so fast that her body was a blur!
Mohawk's bathing behavior reminds me of a bear who I named "Dot" a few years ago. Her name was for a white dot on her chest. Sadly, Dot was killed by a car nearby as she traveled from one feeding area to another. I never wrote about it because I was too sad about losing her.

I truly hope that Mohawk stays away from people and roads. She consorted with Tiny and with other male bears during the recent mating season. If she comes out of this summer fat and healthy, she'll have cubs in her den this winter. I want to see Mohawk with her own little ones next summer!

I picked the best parts of Mohawk's 4 minute bath for a video. Enjoy the antics of this amazing bear!


  1. she is sooooo beautiful and amazing and wonderful to watch. so sad about Dot.. hope Mohawk and Tiny and all the stars of your videos stay safe

  2. Hari OM
    To share this private moment with Mohawk is beyond privilege... she is simply gorgeous!!! YAM xx

  3. I love this peek into their little private lives. I had some people in my booth at the last show from the midwest somewhere. They were telling about the bears in their area, and how they are so infected with ticks. They said they ticks get huge, and are really bad for the bears.

    1. I took a course on bear behavior in Minnesota, and those bears also had tons of ticks, most obviously all over their ears. I think that the lack of tick problem here is due to our dry climate. We generally see ticks only in May, and then it's only a few. Also, this water hole smells awful and may have some weird chemicals in it, yet it's the favorite of the bears. I suspect that the chemicals in it protect them against parasites, including ticks. That's just a guess as to why the bears like this water hole so much more than ones with super clean and clear water in them.

  4. Love this so much! Incredible footage!

  5. It's so amazing to see so much happy in that bath!

  6. We remember Dot and are sad to hear of her fate. We sure hope Mohawk stays out of traffic. And wouldn't it be wonderful to see her cubs next year! We think we saw Mohawk on your Instagram today and we started following you.

  7. I love the names you select for 'your' bears. Mohawk seems to enjoy the bath and possibly something in the water to help with insects. I know I would as all biting insects adore me
    Hugs mom of Madi

  8. Mohawk looks so happy taking her bath☺

  9. Well that was fun! wow! i can't believe what great videos you get, so close! I know it's a trail cam, still... pretty cool. she's cute! makes me want to hug her. LOL. though it would certainly be my last hug, for sure!

  10. Mohawk, very thorough cleaning, and as her hind legs scratch under her chin, you can hear the claws scraping her fur. What fun that first bath of the spring must be after a winter hibernation.

  11. It's always fun to see the wildlife you share with us.

  12. So cute :) I thought maybe you had mentioned Dot's death (or perhaps another bear's?); I remember thinking or commenting about how I had never thought about bears being killed by cars like deer, but of course they are. So sad :(

  13. So fun to watch her enjoying her bath
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. She sure looks like she's having a wonderful time, and making the most of that bath!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Too cute!! Love the way she scratches her chin!!

  16. Too cute to see her 'scrub' behind the ears!


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