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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Black Dog Sunday

One of R's most endearing features is his eyes, especially when their deep brown glows in the sunset light.

This is the look that he gives me when he's contemplating veering off his recall to go explore something more interesting than me.

Later in that same recall, his focus was back with me. For R, keeping his focus on me is key to preventing him from running amok.

His attention never strays when he's racing his sister. On this one, she got ahead by a nose... but R eventually made up the distance to win the recall. His competitiveness is over the top.
I love getting out with our Labraduo at sunset. Watching our Black Dog and Shyla play in the sunshine is so wonderful.


  1. it is always interesting to me to see how the sunlight shows all the different colors of their furs. so beautiful and oh boy can I see the completive part in that last pic

  2. Hari OM
    There is pure mischief brewing in the first one - and determination x 87 in the last!!! YAM xx

  3. You do have the most beautiful eyes, R. We love that the two of you are so competitive!

  4. They each are so beautiful -- and together, they just knock my socks off! I love that shot of them racing!

  5. Your Labraduo delight and amaze us. Both totally gorgeous and in such beautiful bodies and souls
    Hugs Madi and mom

  6. R is such a handsome dude and I love the duo photo!

  7. I love his beautiful brown eyes too! The eyes are one of my favorite features on Luke as well. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. Shyla is beautiful and R is handsome - they make a great duo for sure.

  9. Your duo is absolutely perfect together! And the way you capture their eyes...amazing!

  10. OMD, you guys are just the cutest!!! Ma says that must be WHY I run amok....I am very easily distracted! BOL!
    Ruby ♥


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