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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Faster than a Speeding Labrador - A Mountain Lion

Shyla may be a fast and graceful runner...

But no animal around here can come close to the sprint speed of a mountain lion. One came through our area last night, feeding on a deer who he'd killed a couple of days ago.

He appeared at dusk.

And approached the camera warily.

For some reason, he looks young to me.

Then, he stood up tall and peered at the camera.
I'd found his deer carcass and I'd staked it out with a trail camera but the scavengers filled my entire memory card before this guy arrived last night.

I believe that the bees on the carcass were what caused Shyla's allergic reaction. She was in that area when she was bitten although I didn't see the bees all over the carcass until yesterday. She's been smart enough to stay away from the bees since then. They are the oddest looking bees I've ever seen. If I managed to get a good photo of one, I may share it to see if any of you know about what kind of bee it is.

Despite the might of a mountain lion, I love having them in our forest!


  1. oh then that bees are not well bee-hived when they made your girl sick.... hope they will bee not around you and the pup...

  2. He is beautiful! We have wolves and coyotes around and I love living in the forest too. I guess you should be glad there are still some kind of bees around, even if Shyla is allergic. The bee population in our area is drastically falling.

  3. That big kitty is pretty darn impressive!

  4. Amazing coincidence - I think Della may have been stung by a bee last evening. She pounced on something in the leaf litter, and immediately meowed sharply and leapt away with a front foot in the air. I was right behind her, and some sort of bee or hornet or wasp zipped past me low to the ground. Her foot didn't swell up - at least that I could tell - but it was definitely a painful experience. I thought of Shyla right away, and thought about how quickly something can happen and we never know what it was exactly, even when sometimes we are just a few feet away. I hope we are all - all of us - done with such stings for the year!

  5. Molly has been stung by a bee before and she remembers the spot and steers clear. The mountain lion does look like a youngster!

  6. that is one beautiful big cat.. love the face and I am betting the bee sting is what happened to Shyla

  7. Oh! a bee sting makes sense. We get "regular" bees, a few huge bumble bees and then we get small dirt bee's that burrow in the dirt
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. Handsome mountain lion - and yes, his face has a very youthful look to it. Good thing Shyla is smart enough to avoid those bees. Smart pupppy.

  9. OMD, how beautiful! I wonder if the 'bee' was a wasp? There is a bee that feeds on meat butts it's mostly in Mexico. I think it's called a Vulture Bee. With all the crazy weather, it sure could have traveled up here. Anyhu, so glads Shyla is better!
    Ruby ♥

    1. I just looked them up, and I don't think it's a common vulture bee. I sent my photos to someone who may know better than I do how to ID the "bee". (I'm not even sure whether it's a bee or wasp!).

  10. Look at those huge paws, what a handsome lad. And Shyla, I hope you steer clear of any flying danger, Guess it could have even been in the air and landed on her face.

  11. A handsome cat. We'd love to see one....going in the opposite direction.

  12. That is fascinating. I don't know if I would want to live near mountain lions

  13. You know Mrs. WildDingo is quite the insect enthusiast... the mountain lion is so majestic!

  14. Oh how wonderful. Yes he looks young and sleek to me too.

  15. He sure is magnificent! I hope the reaction was bees, because now you know, that is one thing that worries me with my guys. Delilah tends to get very swollen when she is bit by something.


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