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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Shyla's Allergic Reaction and Pining for the Desert

I am very thankful that Shyla's allergic reaction is dissipating. Last night, after her emergency injections wore off, her face started to swell again. Fortunately, a dose of oral Benadryl did the job, and her face was almost normal this morning.
Taken among the red rocks of the desert

Although it's not a good day for taking photos here at home (it's rainy and dark), her face looks almost normal today, like it did in the desert. Her energy was great on our morning bike ride through a mixture of rain and ice pellets with the temperature in the 30's. I was soaked and frozen by the end but Shyla seemed to love it. After a ride like that one, I'm pining for the desert!
Taken during a windy sunset in the desert

Our vet is making us a little kit of meds to just in case Shyla has an allergic reaction when we can't get to the vet fast enough, like when we were in the desert (all of these photos are from our recent trip there). I wish that we knew what caused it yesterday. It was dramatic.

We did see a scary animal in the desert during an evening walk on a stormy looking evening. It wasn't this human - I just liked his silhouette!

It was a scorpion. We'd never seen one before except in the deep darkness of night. Fortunately, the Runner spotted it before we blundered into it.
We don't think that it was an especially venomous one but we're still glad that no one was bitten. That could have caused quite a reaction.

After that little bit of excitement, we watched the sun set behind the canyon walls.
The desert is such a raw and harsh place. Yet, when we really explore it, we find pockets of beauty, both in the sky and on the ground.

I already want to go back again!

Thanks to Brian for hosting this blog hop.


  1. Hari Om
    The emergency kit is an excellent idea... and I totally get why you love the desert. YAM xx

  2. that was a super good idea... you can feel a little bit relaxed now when you are prepared. the scorpion looks dangerous to me ... I think they should be named scar-pion, that would fit :o)

  3. Goodness, I've never seen a scorpion in the deserts here. I'm glad Shyla is doing better. I doggie first aid kit is a good idea.

  4. So happy you are getting back to normal Shyla. We were told give a Benadryl immediately if face swelling occurs and off to the vet. Having a med kit to have is a great idea. We went to a pet expo and the reptile guy had a scorpion hanging off his chin while he was talking to me. Mom told him he was nutty
    Lily & Edward

    1. That is NUTTY! Who would willingly have a scorpion touching them?

  5. Hopefully you will never need that emergency kit. That scorpion is an interesting looking thing! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. Thank goodness the Runner spotted the scorpion. He sure looks scary! We agree with the other - the allergic reaction kit is a great idea!

  7. I remember a blogger a few years ago that said in Texas, she had to check her boots and clothes for scorpions before she dressed, and had gotten them out of her kitchen sink many times. arrrrhh.... I assume there was no snake bite sign on her face or doc would have found it. good idea on the emergency kit.. I like the foot protection from the hot desert sand.

  8. Even though there's nothing quite like our Rocky Mountains, the desert is an amazing (and clearly formidable) place. I have a couple of doses of Valium in case Elsa has a seizure that doesn't require an expensive visit to the vet or if I'm out of town. Whew,'s come in handy. Hope your girl is back to her fabulous self in no time!

  9. We missed your blog about Shyla having an allergic reaction. We are very pleased that she is doing better. The kit is a great idea.

  10. Hope whatever is causing the allergic reaction is just seasonal and will soon end!

  11. Scary stuff out there in the desert! Be careful!

  12. We hope Shyla continues to improve! Great that your vet is putting the kit together for you!
    Sorry I haven't been commenting - I'm going through occupational therapy for both wrists, and my OT is working me HARD! It's great, and is helping so much, but wow, does it wipe my wrists and hands out!

  13. Good planning from the vet, although we bet you had a part in making that happen:) We hope to never encounter one of those scorpions. We just read about how bad a recluse spider bite can be.

  14. Yikes, a scorpion is something I hope to never see in person! I'm glad Shyla is doing OK. That's a good idea to have the kit on hand, especially since you don't know what caused it.
    Biking in the snow and ice doesn't sound that nice to me, so I can see why you would miss the desert!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Having Wi-Fi problems so I missed the post about Shyla's reaction. So glad she is better but I know it's frustrating not to know what triggered it. Glad you will have an emergency pack for her. Quicker is always key in treating allergic reactions.

  16. Oh gurl, I am sooooo happy you are doin' so much better today!!! That must have been so scary for both you and your Moms! I am just sorry you don't knows what happened to trigger it. Butts, yes, Ma always keeps some benadryl on hand, and I am glads your vettie is making up an emergency kit for you guys. It's not like here, where there are vets every few miles, that sure does take some planning ahead. I'm sure this kit will ease your mind some.
    OMD, that scorpion is so freaky lookin'! We don't have them here, butts I have seen them on the teevees on the nature shows and they are kinda cool at night
    Ruby ♥

  17. Allergic reactions are so dramatic and scary! I'm glad things are back to normal now. And wow! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous (and just what I needed on this rainy Oregon day).

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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