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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Breakfast with a Moose

It was a gorgeous morning on the deck, with warm sunlight and hummingbirds buzzing to and fro.

The Duo loves "deck time", finding the warmest spots where they can soak up the sun with their dark fur. As I had breakfast enjoying the scene, the Runner called out to me that there was a moose on the other side of the house. He quickly contained the Duo in a room without a view of the moose so that they wouldn't scare him off.

Then, I could get some photos of him. He was a young one, with long thin legs but not the heavily muscled trunk of an adult. He was eating a current bush voraciously.

You can see the velvet nubs of antlers beginning to grow in the dappled morning sunlight.

Moose are, in my opinion, among the goofiest looking animals on earth. The shape of their heads along with the dangling dewlap make me grin.

I was standing inside a doorway so I wasn't worried when this moose seemed to spot me. If I hadn't had the easy option of stepping inside, a direct look like this would have concerned me.

Soon, he was ready to depart. However, he still directed his ears back toward the house, making sure that no one was following him.
What a wonderful way to start the day!


  1. I love his sweet ugly face and those cute little nubbins... he fits in the catergory of so ugly he is cute like pelicans and storks. I have a thing for cute ugly critters

  2. He's awesome. This is probably his first year all on his own. Be interesting to see how large his antlers are when they grow.

  3. Cool! Tell us about Bullwinkle. When do they get aggressive or in attack mode. And what do you do
    Lily & Edward

    1. Moose like our Bullwinkle go into attack mode in a split second. You think they're relaxed and suddenly they're charging you. Mama moose with calves are the most prone to doing that. Young adults like this one are more likely to move away than to charge (in my experience). All moose get very upset about dogs. They can stomp dogs to death (and it's happened near me). It's key not to let your dog go near or chase a moose. If your dog stays by your side, the best thing to do is put a leash on him/her and get the heck outta there. The dog, even if passive by your side, can provoke a charge by a moose. What to do when it happens? "Experts" say to get behind a tree or climb one. I've been charged 3 times (all in the early days of moose living near us - now both the moose and I are more savvy). I never had time to find and get behind a tree. Two times, I picked up my bike and held it over my head while yelling at the moose - and the moose stopped her charge. The third time, I didn't have a bike, so I raised my hands over my head and screamed while running at the moose (that must have been a funny sight to an observer). Despite the fact that Shyla was hiding behind me, that moose shied away too.

      Now, I am extremely cautious around moose. I always keep a tree between me and them. If I have a dog with me, I just back away as fast as I can...

  4. I would enjoy that myself! You got some great photos. On an aside, I had no idea they could turn their ears like that. I was always told that moms had eyes in the backs of their heads....but never ears. :-)

  5. What beautiful eyes! He looks like he is still growing into that nose!

  6. Birds are fine, but we would love to have the moose over for breakfast. How awesome is that! His nose is even bigger than our hound noses!

  7. How great that he stayed around so you could get such wonderful pictures. Great start to your day.

  8. That is really an amazing way yo start the day!

  9. I agree - the moose is pretty comical looking☺

  10. So close, he is goofy!!! And I,too, would be so wary when out in the areas where they come. What about having a loud hooter horn, one more thing to carry, but it might scare them away. Are they coming close to look for tasty greens to eat? Fantastic photos!!!

  11. It was a wonderful start to the day! Saw a video clip of a mother moose with 4 tiny cute.

  12. Oh, what a gift having him come so close!!! I love his velvety nubs! They really are goofy looking - but in such a sweet, sweet way!!!

  13. What a nice visitor!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Glad it was on the other side of the house. Love the photographs.

  15. That IS the perfect start to a day! I hope to see a moose in our yard someday!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  16. who needs a breakfast at tifannys when you can have breakfast with a moose? I would pick the moose... but with a little distance LOL

  17. Goofy looking indeed. But certainly nothing to trifle with. Can't wait to see "guess who's coming to dinner." 😆

  18. I hear Breck is putting up new warning signs in town and at trailheads. I'm ever cautious when hiking and even when gardening in my yard. Great shots of this dapper fella.


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