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Friday, September 28, 2018

Autumnal Flower Friday

Our mountain trip teetered on the knife edge between summer and autumn. The tundra looked like pure autumn to me. It was gorgeous.

In my favorite spot for sunset photos of the Duo, the flowers had finished blooming. Most years, small flowers would have been around Shyla in this scene.

The warm autumn colors transformed the alpine world. This was a curious marmot who sat in the midst of red ground cover before scurrying down into his den below the boulder.

Nearby, granite rocks in the ground were surrounded by brilliant red ground cover. It was as beautiful as any lush summer flower.

When I looked very carefully, peeking in moist spots below treeline, I did find a few patches of brilliant flowers.

My jaw dropped when I spotted this beauty near a spring in the forest. I believe it's called Monkey Flower. I didn't expect to see this flower in a year of such a severe drought.
It was an interesting time to be in the mountains, seeing how an extreme drought affects the seasons. I hope that we have abundant flowers again next year but, for this year, I loved seeing autumn.


  1. You found beautiful flowers! Love that red ground cover!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos I love the red ground cover but you probably guessed that already
    You LabraDuo photos are always stunning but for sure the sunset loves them.
    Did you happen to find Madi hiding in plain sight on today's Post? LOL
    You were the only one who saw her last time she magically appeared.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. I didn't know that she was hidden. I just looked and I think that she's by the red flowers. Am I right?

  3. LOL....looks like she did a good job finding a hiding spot.
    She is on the pantry door and she was in the Fountain picture on Tuesday too. I will be hiding her but not particular day. Gotta keep y'all guessing.
    I used to subscribe to Birds and Blooms Magazine. They always had an acorn hiding on one of the pages. That is where I got the idea to hide her.

  4. You found some pretty flowers and plants with lots of color too.

  5. The red groundcover is so nice - what a deep and vibrant shade of red!!!

  6. You have the most wonderful eye for wildflowers...what wonderful finds!!!

  7. I just love the colors of autumn. We still have a lot of summer flowers hanging on though...and even some that were gone making a comeback! It's been kind of an odd year that way around here; a lot of ups and downs weather-wise. I'm not sure Mother Nature even knows what season it is. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. Ooooh! The marmot! what a great shot! And I really love that red ground cover!
    Beautiful looks at Autumn!
    Sorry I haven't been commenting. This remodel is getting to me (they started in July ... now projected to finish before the 1st of November). It's just getting crazy.
    Thank you for some peace, as I catch up on your posts!

  9. Unexpected surprises like these flowers are the best.

  10. What lovely flowers. We love all your pictures but we were thrilled to see the marmot, we have never seen one before. Wish we could send you some of our rain, our yard is saturated with water. But once Mom decided to brave the mud, she discovered flowers too.


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