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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thankful for Puppy Madness

We had an impromptu puppy play date at our house recently. Our friends' yellow Lab puppy stopped by.

R adores puppies. He throws himself onto his back and lets a puppy, like this sweetie, wrestle with him.

He's not passive but he knows how to make a puppy feel comfortable.

When the puppy became bolder, R stood up to play, leading to amazing teeth gnashing.
This yellow Lab puppy is amazingly well socialized. She is so confident around other dogs and people who she doesn't know well.

They really loved showing each other their teeth!

Alas, the only part that made me a little sad was that Shyla actually wanted to play on that day but she didn't seem to know quite how to lure our puppy friend into playing. Shyla had been carrying around the bone that the puppy is chewing on, trying get the puppy to play with the bone together. It didn't quite work.
However, soon thereafter, Shyla and I met the puppy and her humans on the trails. On that day, Shyla succeeded in playing with the puppy! I tried to get photos but they were chasing each other too fast for me to capture them with my camera. It made me smile to see the two girls frolicking in the forest together.

And, seeing Shyla find the courage to play with a dog on the trails was priceless!


  1. Nothing is better then having playtime with one of your own kind :) We glad to hear R & Shyla had such fun with the puppy friend. Milo, Jet & Arli

  2. Shyla that was super fabulous to get your outside play date with the puppy too... BRAVO! ...we noticed that older dogs can make the same face like humans when the youngsters start to bug them without a break... but dogs have much more patience than humans at this front LOL

  3. That was a nice bunch of puppy fun! Keep trying beautiful Shyla!

  4. How precious! Do you have a rope toy? Shyla might coax the pup into a game of tug of war :)

  5. Oh yay, I'm so glad Shyla got to play with the puppy later! I'm the same way as R with puppies -- I love them, and I know how to play with them so they'll jump right in.

  6. Oh the cute! The puppy is lucky to have your two to show him the ropes. So glad Shyla felt she could play too.

  7. Hari OM
    A case of two's company...? So glad there came a true play-day for Shyla and the youngster. YAM xx

  8. what a beautiful story with a happy ending...I'm so glad Shyla and the pup had fun too. Maybe next visit all 3 will enjoy the visit
    Hugs madi and mom

  9. Those encounters really warm the heart especially with a dog with trust issues. Outstanding!

  10. The play out on the trail is a huge step forward , maybe this is where Shyla has her own playground agenda. She has come SO far, another wee step will happen again.

  11. We have to agree with Yam. Playtime seems to work better in pairs. We are so happy that you met up with the puppy on the trail for your special playtime, Shyla!

  12. How fun. Sometimes it takes some dogs longer to figure out how to meet and play than other dogs. Madison is full of confidence and jumps right in, Bailie is more timid until she knows it will be alright.

  13. Oh, there's nothing like puppy joy and I'm glad Shyla ultimately got to have some fun too. That was one thing I didn't like when we had three often seemed like one was left out of the play. When Luke was a puppy he played more with Cricket because they were the same size, and Sheba got left out. Then as he got to Sheba's size, they played more and Cricket got left out!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. R is such a great dog - he knows just how to handle a frisky puppy. Lightning holds back a lot here too, but when one of the two younger pups is outside, he at times gets pretty wild and crazy with the one inside:)

  15. Looks like so much fun. Thrilled to hear Shyla was able to join in too.

  16. I think two is easier than three in these situations, and it's great that Shyla even *wanted* to play with the puppy and the toy bone! So good for her - and you - that she later had a chance to play with the pup out on the trail :)

  17. Seeing R play with the puppy most likely gives Shyla the confidence to play with her too!
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. They really do like to show each other their teeth! Its so good that R adapts,, and feel no threatened,, and play! And how brave of Shyla to try to play too!


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