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Friday, October 21, 2022

An Intruder

Yesterday was a rough day. We have a closed gate on our driveway with "no trespassing" and "beware of dogs" signs on it. We have a very reactive dog (Hachi) , and we don't want a stranger to meet him. For the second time this week, a person opened the gate and drove down our half mile driveway that is posted with those same signs repeatedly. The guy yesterday then walked around our house looking in the windows (I was home but didn't see him). 

Then, he drove partway back up the driveway, parked, and walked around. At that time, Shyla and I headed up the driveway for a morning outing. We saw the trespasser, and I said "May I help you? You came in via my signed and closed gate.". The guy was belligerent, saying that I had no right to cut off access to my private driveway. He told 2 different lies about why he was there. 
After me telling him to leave about 25 times, his anger escalated, and things got really ugly. My neighbor, a tall tough guy, became aware of the altercation, and he came to my rescue. The trespasser finally fled (but I got a photo of his car and plate before he left). I am so grateful to our neighbor. The sheriff is tracking down the trespasser.
I am shaken. Although we don't want to, we will now have to lock our gate all the time. Although trespassing has happened many times, this incident has made us feel truly unsafe. We also fear for Hachi and all strangers who might meet him accidentally when they show up unannounced. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, most of all Hachi.



  1. That is scary. There's more to this story and I hope you find out what it is.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  2. it seems no matter where you go, humans follow. I would never even think of opening a gate unless I was in peril and needed help. so sorry your slice of heaven is invaded. why would he think private owned property is his to go on

  3. Sorry to hear this happened to you. We hope the sheriff can track the perp down and kudos to your neighbor for coming to your rescue.

  4. Argghh...what is with some people? They seem to think they can do as they please without taking any consideration of others. That's your private property and you have the right to the private enjoyment of it. This would not be different if you didn't have your pup Hachi. I'm glad your neighbour was close enough to intervene and you were able to get a photo of the vehicle and its plates.

  5. Hari OM
    Urgh... Having experienced burglers once, I have some idea of the invasive feelings you must be experiencing. So glad you have such a good (and alert) neighbour and were able to take ID stuff. Hope the Sheriff can track him. Sending soothing e-vibes and wishes for staying safe. YAM xx

  6. Sadly this day and age things are likely to get worse. You may not like it but you need a couple of shotguns, always loaded, and don't be afraid to use them. If I had signs posted he would have left in an ambulance. Your way out there so consider unannounced visitors as dangerous.

  7. I don't know why, but I am always shocked by behavior like this, even when I know how common it is. I've heard horror stories from my neighbors about things like this that happened years ago. So scary. Do what you need to protect yourself and your pups. It's your right!

  8. I worry because you are isolated and there are so many crazy people. It is sad that if he had been bit, even trespassing, the law would side against the dog.

  9. Thank goodness you were able to get photos, and thank goodness for your neighbor! I hope the sheriff tracks the guy down. What a violation in so many ways. If you need to lock your gate (alas, a good idea), can you give keys to your rural fire district/EMTs?

    Chris from Boise

  10. This is very distressing, and I do hope it doesn't happen again.
    Sending a calming virtual hug.


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