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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dogs on snowy trails

I was up early, and the visage of the elk skull emerging from under 3.5' of snow with the pink sunrise behind it fascinated me.At sunrise, the dogs still snuggled together, sound asleep.
As soon as the snoring canines heard me put on the last of my cycling clothes, they bolted into action. Within seconds of hitting the trails, they moved at warp speed.When they briefly stopped sprinting, they played raucously, churning snow pellets into the air and fake snarling. At the instant of the photo below, R balanced on his hind paws and K kept only one paw on the snow as she lunged.K, the more sensitive of the pair, felt that the play had become too frenzied. She used a standard dog signal - she 'shook off the stress' and told R to chill out. Below, K is in the midst of a full body shake. It worked. She and R ran peacefully together, sans raucous play-fighting, for a while after her shake.
All of this romping was made possible by my amazing snow bike. By getting out early, I managed to float over top of the snow and pedal with my canine duo. I love my Fatback! (And you know that the snow has a strong crust when the bike will stand upright all by itself, no leaning on anything!).
After dropping off the dogs, I headed out for a ride on my own. However, using a term that my friend likes, my legs were 'toxic'. They were so dead that I pathetically whimpered while trying to climb even small hills. I took it easy and hoped that my leg muscles would find some power by tomorrow.

The moon over the mountains awed me again. Will I ever get over how much I love our mountains? I don't think so.
Now, after another day of dental hell mitigated only by having the nicest dentist ever, I'm having a milkshake for dinner! Woo hoo!


  1. I love how your 2 cuddle with each other. Very sweet.

    Yikes! I'm sorry to hear the dental trouble continues. I had hoped you were past all that.

  2. Dental trouble and leg pain? Well, at least you've got the milkshake!

    You're such a strong person to not let stuff like that slow you down. I can be such a wimp when I'm not feeling well!

  3. I will agree with Khyra that the first pic was such a dazzler. The pink sky, the snow, the skull underneath.

    Talk about your Fatback on Ice, or is it just for snow. Those big tires look great!

    Stella's Mom and Stella

  4. What beautiful mountains. Loved the dogs all snuggled together.

    And so sorry you're still having dental problems.

  5. Hey KB
    Hope you feel better soon. Your post is always beautiful and inspirational. Thanks again.

  6. crazy how dogs can go from a dead sleep to a dead run! such fun pics of the dogs...the shake off, see it all the time, never thought of it behaviorally...
    you have to write a book!
    hope the legs feel stronger today! have a great weekend!

  7. Love that first picture.

    And, no, I do not think you will get over your love of the mountains. I sure don't. I sometimes just myself staring at the beauty and feeling in awe that I get to live here.

  8. Mom so wishes we would snuggle together, but nope, never happens here. We can't wait for snow like that so we can run and jump and lunge too:)

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  9. Some amazing play time and trail time with the doggies!!! And, those TIRES!
    Can't wait to get SR into the snow!!!! We need snow!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and mom


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