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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wishing Wednesday and Mountain Lion

I awakened feeling devoid of all energy. I knew why. My K is sick... again. She has had repeated urinary tract infections and a serious kidney infection continuously since April. She finished an 8 week course of antibiotics for a kidney infection one week ago. Then, on Monday, we knew that things were going awry, yet again. The tests so far show a nasty bacterial infection. We're hoping that the cultures grow so that we can discover the best antibiotic to kill these bugs.

K has lost too much of the past year to illness. She went through months of treatment for a bone infection starting last September. After a toe amputation to get the infected tissue out of her body, she finally started to bounce back in February or so. Then, in April, the UTIs started.

At least she's had some fun during her "feeling-good" phases between infections. We do our best to seize the good days.

She played in mountain lakes.
She meandered through wildflowers.
And, sprinted through the thick of the flowers.
She sat by mountain creeks with me.
We watched sunsets...
... and moonrises.
We wished upon shooting stars (see the diagonal one?). You know what we wished for.
Today, with heavy legs and no energy, I rode my mountain bike to check my wildlife cameras. This was the first photo that I saw. The adrenaline jolted through my body with such force that I dropped the camera. There's nothing like seeing the eyes of a mountain lion staring at me to make the energy surge through my body.
The mountain lion stared at the camera, and I think that he marked right in front of it. My first hint, before looking at the images, that a visitor had been to the camera recently was an odd smell on the ground near the camera. I think that it was mountain lion urine.
After examining the camera's point of view, the lion walked onward. He looked like he had a full belly. I'm glad that he's flourishing.
This wasn't the only visit to that camera site by a mountain lion in recent weeks. A cougar sauntered past it early this month. On that occasion, he didn't interact with the camera... but it could have been a different individual.
It is the Year of the Mountain Lion, and he lifted my spirits today!


  1. OK. Your killin me with the great photographs. I was blown away with the first columbine shot.

    And then to see dear K enjoying her "Feeling-goo" phase in the beauty that surrounds her.

    I am so sorry your heart is so heavy with the burden of her illness, but like you told us, your surroundings will lift your spirits now and again.

    I wish you more nows and agains...

    (Maybe that is a selfish wish, as it benefits the rest of us)

    take care, we will keep K in our thoughts and prayers.


  2. Hi Y'all,

    Thanks for taking the time to share K's "feel good" times with us. Also thanks for sharing those sleek lions prowling.

    Prayers and crossed paws for a treatment that cures your beautiful K once and for all.

    BrownDog and his Human

  3. all good vibes sent to K
    Benny & Lily

  4. I love the nature shots you featured today! Was the night time star one taken during Perseids? I was so disappointed that we had no chances to see it this year.

    I'm so sorry K is sick again! Is it possible that her immune system was so weakened by the bone infection that she's just had a hard time fighting everything off, or does she have some sort of mild physical quirk that makes her more prone to the UTIs and kidney infections? She's had more than her share of illness for a lifetime in one year, the poor girl!

  5. We are so very sorry to hear that K is sick again. And we are sorry that your own heart is so heavy. We all want to take that mountain lion's appearance as a sign of power and strength working its magic on K and healing her and making her well again. Those are some beautiful photos of her out in your world enjoying its beauty. We will think good thoughts for her and you.

  6. Another score on the cougars! Great job....both look like they have collars on again....

    How far do you live from any type of suburbia, cities, towns, etc?

  7. ....and sorry to hear K is under the weather again.

    Poor pooch...just can't seem to catch a break this year.

    Here's to good health coming!

  8. You know dat boxer puppy prayers are on da way to K from me, don't you? Thanks again fur allowing me to end my evening wif your wunderful fotos.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. I am so sorry K is sick again. It sounds (and looks) like she has had some wonderful adventures in between her bouts of illness - and she will have even more once she is feeling better.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Every single post amazes me! The bear yesterday and now the mountain lion and always the beautiful Rockies. We are all (canine and human) sending positive vibes to dear K. Paws and fingers are crossed with good wishes that things improve soon.

  11. Wow, it sounds like K just can't catch a break. So sorry to hear of so much she has been through in the last year. As always our paws are always crossed for you two.

    What a shot of the mountain lion. Nothing like looking right into it's eyes. Beautiful.

  12. I am so sorry to hear that K is not feeling well again, she just can't catch a break, poor girl!
    Of course we are sending good thoughts her way and we will wish on a star for her.

  13. I am sad about K and more UTI. . .praying is about all I can do, but I believe in it strongly, so thats what K will get from me.

    Are you considering other options, like a new Vet or a University Vet Clinic?

    I hope a good solution comes along soon for our girl.


    Jo and Stella

  14. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about K. Our beautiful German Shepherd has an auto-immune disease which has resulted in him losing MOST of his hair...He's 8 years old now and looks awful. He does, however, still have a good appetite and he does play with our youngest dog. He just looks like a chupacabra! We've taken him to 3 vets, including a dog dermatologist and nobody can really figure out what it is...they've all done blood work and it is inconclusive. So, we just feed him and love him and let him sleep inside with us...we all love our dogs, eh?

  15. I know your heart is so heavy because you know K is not feeliing good.
    We are wishing on stars too....
    so many of us are!
    The photos are gorgeous,, thank you again for sharing the world, and the special moments that you share with K and R.

  16. I am sending lots of get well wishes, prayers and healing vibes to dear sweet is so hard when one that you love so much is sick too much. Please give K a great big hug from me and give one to R and yourself too. The pictures are gorgeous...that mountain lion looks like it is really in my room!!! Lots of love and hugs, Debbie & Holly

  17. I wonder if acupuncture would help K's immune system. It might be worth a try. It helped Bart in many ways beyond just his pinched nerve...

    I thought of K today. You know I live in the L.A. area. Well this afternoon I walked across the street for some lunch. I work at a VERY busy intersection in the San Fernando Valley. It was about 95. I was waiting to cross the street when this guy pulled up in a cute convertible BMW with the top down. As he turned the corner, I looked in his car and leaning up from the back seat - in a lying down position - was a chocolate lab who was resting her head on his leg as he drove. Not that I would EVER picture K in a convertible beemer in LA, but the calm, loving, trusting energy between the two was magic!! It reminded me of sweet K :-)

  18. Hope K feels better soon, so she can get back to romping!

  19. So sorry to hear K is sick again. The constant antibiotics wouldn't be robbing her body of healthy bacteria would they? Do you give her probiotics? (Don't really know - just brainstorming...) WOW - another big one! Loved seeing it sauntering by - King of the Mountain.

  20. Dear K, we are sending you the strongest possible White Dog Army healing power and positive energy. We know it is just a matter of getting rid of the resistant and your mom are strong-willed fighters. With the proper antibiotic you can shake this cycle and both of your hearts can be light enough to dance through the soon to arrive snowflakes.

  21. The mountain lion is gorgeous. They look like the perfect hunting machines, don't they?

    I'm sorry to hear about K's most recent bout of illness. Just brainstorming here, because I just happened to gain a new follower yesterday who suffers from intestinal candida. I just did a quick Google search and dogs can become ill from it too. That yeast infection can lead to recurrent bladder infections. I'm not a vet, nor do I have any direct knowledge, but, it might be worth asking the vet if this is a possibility.

  22. Hi Everyone,

    As always, you've lifted my spirits with your words. Although I have been giving K yogurt everyday for "good" bacteria, I agree that it's time to consider a probiotic. Also, the candida idea is an interesting one that I'll ask my vet about.

    Thanks again!

  23. I've been reading your blog for a while now but have never left a comment. I just wanted to let you know about a product called D-Mannose - it is a powder that you can put on K's food and it will take care of a UTI is a day - honest to God - it works I've used it for my female lab and for myself.

  24. And now I know what's up with K. That girl must be tough as nails to endure all she's been through in the last year. She has a good mama!

    The blues and greens in your mountain photos are outstanding. The moon shot dropped my jaw. The shooting star shot knocked me out of my chair.


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