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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Desert Dawg

We had such a nice time in the desert that I'm having trouble with "re-entry" to normal life. On the day that we left for Utah, it was snowing. Shyla played in the snow before we departed.

Then, we drove west, over the Continental Divide, stopping briefly for a break near the Divide. We saw the moon rise over naked aspen groves during our break.

Then we drove some more toward the west, losing elevation very fast. The world became less snowy and more rocky. We saw the rock glow as the sun was setting, and we ate the most awful Mexican food ever.

At that point, we debated which of our favorite campsites was most likely to be available. We made a choice in eastern Utah, and we were very lucky to find the spot completely deserted!

We slept late the next morning. Eventually, Shyla and I went for a mountain bike ride up a big canyon. On one rock wall, there is an ancient pictograph of a human and a dog. I love this one because the human looks so uptight and needs the joyfulness of the desert dawg to make life more fun and less serious (that's my interpretation!).

You could tell that we had changed climates. It was the first time I'd seen Shyla pant since last fall!

And R was on lizard-watch. Tiny Sceloporus lizards skittered around near our campsite, and R felt the need to defend us all from them. He obsesses over lizards every time we visit the desert! He was on watch in this photo.

After a full day of playing and snoozing, we went for a sunset hike up an expansive section of slickrock above the canyon where I'd ridden with Shyla. Here's the view down into the canyon whose walls display incredible rock art.

Then, as a contrast to our moonrise view in the mountains on the previous day, we saw the moonrise over a rocky cliff.
I love the desert!


  1. Stunning photos. I bet the dogs were happy with a break from the snow

  2. It is so easy to tell from your "voice" how much you love your time in the desert:) Great photos. Happy pups:)

  3. I think I would love the desert as well. I do wonder what must be going through the minds of the duo. Leaving so much snow and entering the warmth of the desert.

    The ancient pictographs blow my mind. I marvel at standing before the same place in which they were carved so very long ago. And wonder again about the people and their lives.

    Can you tell how much I love this post? thanks

  4. Oh my gosh,, every one of those photos is so beautiful.
    The painting on the wall of the human and dog,, is amazing,,

    oh we love the moon in the sky,,, and all the colors of your desert.
    We love to hear you talk about your camp site,, and all the beauty and quietness,, and then the return to your snow world.
    R is gorgeous,,, just gorgeous,, on lizzard watch,,,and of course Shyla!
    Thank you for always sharing your world... if it were not for you,, we could not know of this beauty

  5. That desert looks like so much fun. The one in Reno is just ugly! I love the photo of the pictograph and also of R hunting lizards! That's so funny and totally something both of my dogs would do!

  6. I wonder if the dogs expect the change in climate when you pack the gear for your desert trips? Do you think they do?
    Piper thinks every time we get in the car we are going to the pond. She has been probably a million other places, but she always, always expects the pond. Or that's what I think she thinks ;)
    LOVE that pictograph!

  7. I love this pictograph... it could be you and Shyla watching the sky and counting the stars :o)

  8. So where did you end up? Did you get crowded out over easter weekend? Going to the desert for easter weekend is a big deal here.

  9. We are definately putting southern Utah on our list of places to visit when mom & dad retire next year
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. I can tell you enjoyed your desert trip - your post is more lighthearted, so I felt I got to know you better.

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip!


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