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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mountain Bluebirds Brighten my Mountain Bike Rides!

As Shyla and I ride through meadows these days, Mountain Bluebirds seem to flit all around us.It's one of those amazing perks of springtime.

They love to sit atop last years crop of invasive weeds (mulleins). I wonder where they perched before we had so many invasive weeds?

After they swoop to eat a bug off the ground, they return to another very similar perch.

Their color is mind-boggling. The males are brightest at this time of year - breeding season.

It's one of our main signs that spring is on the way because most of our wildflowers are still tiny, not taller than 6". You have to really look for them.

Soon, the meadows will be wild with color. For now, the bluebirds provide us with amazing blue colors. Shyla's toys also brighten up the scene!
Happy Springtime!


  1. The color of a bluebird is my most favorite shade of blue!!! Such a gorgeous creature.

  2. That bird is stunning! Hey Shyla, you're stunning too sweet girl!

  3. We love seeing our bluebirds too especially when the sun hits them from the back.

  4. wow those bluebirds are really blue BOL!
    mR Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Our blue Jays are blue, but nothing like those guys! SO beautiful!

  6. I love the bluebird!! Such a beautiful sign of spring! Love and Golden Kisses, Kathy and Enzo

  7. Those blue birds are the prettiest color of blue. I wish we had some too! We love that wild flower! It is so soft!

  8. Our mom saw a bluebird out her kitchen window yesterday and she had to do a double take. We don't see too many of them (or maybe we're just not looking?) Enjoy playing with your Wubba, Shyla!

  9. I adore blue birds! The color is unreal. And they love those weeds everywhere, I wonder why?

  10. Crikey ..... how beautiful are those bluebirds? The colour is truly amazing. How do they hide from predators?? They stand out like ?????? Oh my!! Mum always says something VERY rude here so I won't go on ......


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