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Monday, April 20, 2009

Digging out

Finally, power, water, phone, an internet connection - normalcy is returning.

Winter wonderland. The dogs loved it, porpoising through the deep snow and playing. That is, until K had a severe allergic reaction. Her face ballooned up into a lumpy misshappen caricature of her usual beautiful form. She started vomiting and looked very sick. Benedryl and the emergency clinic saved her. We found a tick on her during the episode and that's the likely culprit. Tell me, how does a dog get a tick in a huge blizzard? Thank goodness that my husband had worked fiendishly to keep our driveway open despite the snow and multiple trees falling across it.

Somewhere between 4-5 ft of snow fell, cascading out of the sky, landing on trees, and very sadly, snapping many pine trees in the forest near our house. No trees fell on our house or vehicles so that's good news.

We normally love storms like this but I've never seen so many snapped trees. More later - I hope that my friends in the area are digging out and are OK.

The view from our door shows the snow above the porch railings and a big climb to get out and feed the birds! And, snow transformed our agility course into a series of lumps on the landscape. In the photo, there's a teeter-totter, pause table (not discernible), a tire jump, several regular jumps, and weave poles with about 6" poking above the snow on the right in front of the pine trees.
It's melting so fast that we may be using the agility course next week - just kidding. But, spring temperatures have returned so let the mudfest begin!


  1. Zoiks - that's a lot of snow! I'm glad that thing are returning to normal! You need to attach a snow plow blade to R before you turn him loose out there - that would solve several problems at once!

  2. That is *so* scary about the reaction to a tick. I'm glad to hear she's OK and that your driveway was passable.

    Sorry to hear about the fallen trees on top of everything.

    I'm usually a pretty good sport about storms like that too, but a girl can only deal with so many outages at once or in quick succession.

    We'd hope to make it to class Weds, but no luck ... I'm booked solid with interviews. Maybe in May.

  3. Oh my goodness! What is THAT all about with the tick and R? How scary! We focused on keeping the driveway and vehicles clear for that reason, never know when there's a scary emergency.

    I love the picture of the 3 labs together in your previous post...they are so cute. And so different!

    I'm so grateful we got this was looking pretty scary in terms of fire risk...phew!

    Give the crew a squish!


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