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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bobcat hunts breakfast

First, one extra photo from our thin air hike that I wrote about yesterday. Yes, the sheer cliff behind K meant that I had a taut leash on her!
Yesterday, K was framed... Someone (we won't mention names) took one of my shoes and left it on the bed. Then, my sweet K who is too cautious to ever steal a shoe lay down next to it. My first reaction was astonishment when I saw the scene. Then, I realized what had probably happened...
On a different topic, after a hiatus, the coyotes are returning to their normal routine, with lots of singing and visits to our clearing after dark. I suspect that their pups have recently left the den, and the pack had a different routine while the young ones were den-bound. Last night's visitor looked so lanky and lean that I wondered how young he is. I don't think that he could be one of this year's pups because they're only a few months old. If they're like dog puppies, they're still rotund and wriggly.
I've discovered that the "main bear sow" in our area has started hitting the berry patches and has passed within 1/8 of a mile of our house on recent nights. I'll save the bear photos and bear signs for tomorrow.

Before compiling the bear information, I want to include a video from Black Bear Trail where a bobcat passed one cam with nothing in his mouth and then, 12 minutes later, s/he passed another camera with a just-killed squirrel. The bobcat is either heading to someplace safe to eat or is taking the squirrel to her young. It looks almost as if the squirrel is still moving but I think it's just the way the cat is carrying it.

Then, several does examined my camera, followed by two very nervous mule deer bucks passing both cameras. Notice how the bucks swivel their ears to listen for predators. The younger buck walking behind the buck with the big rack has his ears oriented backward. I wonder if they had an inkling of a mountain lion in the area based on their behavior.


  1. Dogs all over the blogosphere are jealous that the bobcat actually caught a squirrel!

  2. Hee hee! The Hu-Dad sure got that one right!

    I love that picture of K! Are you sure she's not part mountain goat?

    Those does sure aren't shy about checking out the camera!

  3. it is so wonderful to see your world through your photos and web cams, thank you.

  4. Amazing - I struggle to get a glimpse of wildlife here and you're surrounded by it!

    I'm afraid of heights, so that opening pic had my heart beating...

  5. Spectacular footage. Boy, you sure got some great stuff this time! Can't wait to see what the bear cams have captured!

    Love the shot of K with the shoe!

  6. Not nice of somepeep to try to frame sweet K - hope you find a way to get back at that one.

    That young coyote reminds us of Phantom, long legs, skinny and long bodied.

    We all wish we could catch a squirrel.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Catching up with you, KB - I'm in Denver - a bit under the weather. Poor K - that good girl doesn't look like the thieving kind...(where is R in this photo?)...I saw a fox catch a squirrel (or mole) this winter. One quick leap in the snow, and he came out with dinner.

  8. Wooos! What an interesting place woo get to see everyday. Although lately here has been interesting too, with a black bear in the neighborhood. I have to say we stop by a lot when Mom was not blogging just to see all of the wonderful photos and wildlife.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. Who could possibly frame sweet K?!

    I'm so impressed with that bobcat and agree with Herd's Hu-dad.

    I can't get enough of your wildlife videos. I love feeling like I'm getting to know sections of your forest. It's amazing how much you can know a stretch of land if you spend time with it.


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