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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spectacular day in the alpine world

The Labraduo and I climbed high above the trees today to a lake at about 12,000'.R, the rebel, has grown up precipitously in the past year. I used to leave him home when I hiked solo because he could hurt my spine with his yanks on the leash. Today, other hikers heaped praise on him for being so well behaved. I can't take much credit - he simply grew up!
I'll post more tomorrow when I'm less tired. Way to go R and thanks to your big sister, K, for her patience with your antics!


  1. Ah! Spectacular! Praise to both K & R and YOU!
    Would love to be on such a breathtaking hike at amazing altitude :)

    Hugs & snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. I love that moment when you realize that you've turned a corner with them and they've grown up a bit into a companion that you're proud to take everywhere with you! I'm looking forward to that with a certain hairy puppy here! lol

    Beautiful shots, too! K and R are on top of the world!

  3. Holy crap...thats a hike alright! Great job
    Benny & Lily

  4. You were on top of the world, KB! Hope your back feels OK tonight. What a regal photo of K and R.

  5. Gorgeous photos - did they get to swim, or was it too cold up there?

    I can't wait to hear all about it - I am feeling particularly jealous of you lately, as we've had nothing but heat and humidity here, which doesn't make for good hiking weather.

  6. High on the hill is the lonely goatherd...

    What great pics!

  7. Way to go R. It is great when the maturity kicks in and all of the training suddenly starts sticking.

  8. A wonderful time when dogs morph into being companions.

  9. Beautiful top o'the world pics. I am eager for tomorrow's "show and tell".

    Not only does maturity do it, if the dog is lucky enough to have a great companion (like K) he will learn from her too.

    Rest up!

    Jo and Stella

  10. Simply stunning views! I hope you're feeling okay...

  11. Phantom still likes to yank and pull - at 11 1/2 years, any chance this will ever change:)

  12. Wow! Wow! Can't wait for more pictures! R is such a good boy. Perhaps growing up isn't all that bad.

  13. What beautiful photographs of the lovely duo. Our Ellie was born practically grown up, but Lucy is still not 100% trustworthy. Our neighbors all compliment their training and behavior, but for us, 99% is not good enough. And so we still keep working on it.


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