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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ecstatic wriggle

Yesterday, the Duo and I reveled in an evening hike. R looked distinguished in the tall golden grass of the meadow.
And, for once, K was the goofier one in the Duo, rolling and wriggling to her heart's delight. She seems absolutely fine after my mistake yesterday. Thank goodness. And, thanks to my vet for advising me, several years ago, to choose a food for R that wouldn't kill K if she ate it.

Thanks to all of you who helped me to stop be angry at myself about my mistake. Your comments were so supportive.

During yesterday's hike, to prove to me that she felt great, K demonstrated the art of an ecstatic snow wriggle:
When preparing to get up, use your head for leverage.
Shake as you get up.
Try to pull yourself together when you realize that a camera is pointed at you.
Say: "Who me? I wasn't being goofy."
After hiking and wriggling to the sounds of chickadees singing their spring songs and woodpeckers drumming on hollowed out tree trunks, we arrived up high to see the sunset.
We explored the plateau for a while, waiting for the final glory of the sky and mountains. As we explored, I slipped on an invisible ice patch and hit the ground hard. I lay still on the forest floor taking inventory of my body to see if I was OK (I was fine except for a sore neck). Meanwhile, the Duo sprinted over to me. You might think that they were running over to rescue me like Lassie might do. But, no, they were checking if my treat bag was open when I fell. They've learned that a wild tumble sometimes means a treat bonanza. Now that's true love.

Actually, it is. After finding a dearth of treats on the ground, K sat next to me, leaning against me in a comforting way. She stayed that way until I clambered to my feet like a stiff octogenarian. Ah, the love of a dog...


  1. Great news, that K is feeling fine, and I love her goofy moves!! Sorry you took a spill though. I would imagine it's one of the hazards of living in your terrain. I hope the effects of your spill are short-lived. Happy Sunday to you and your pack. :)

  2. Nothing beats a roll in the snow :).

  3. I'm glad to hear that K is not only feeling fine, but giving us all the giggles today! What a girl she is! Those wriggling pictures always make me smile.

    Isn't it nice to feel so loved?! Hubby fell down in the living room the other day (he's a natural born klutz) and Morgan ran over and sat on him! I'm glad you were okay after your fall. I wish I knew what it is about a slip on the ice that made you hurt so darned bad afterwards.

  4. We are happee K is feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  5. First of all, thank you for becoming my newest follower! What an honor to be followed by a fabulous blogger so thank you again!
    I would love to know what kind of camera you own because your photos are always gorgeous and crisp and clear! I only use a cell phone camera but when I have enough $$ I will invest in a "real" camera!
    I love seeing dogs wriggle and wiggle on the ground because they are surely full of delight and their movements always make me smile!

  6. The Mom in me is making me want to tell you that it may be time to wrap you in bubble wrap:) Hope there will be no lingering discomfort from the fall.

    When I fell in the fall while walking the three dogs, I had the same thing happen with three furballs smothering me - I didn't have any treats so I am not sure what they were looking for other than the blood dripping from my face:( At the moment I let myself think they were concerned about me:)

    Good to hear that K is just fine.

  7. I'm taking notes... look for treats dislodged from pockets when asst. goes down. Got it! BOL

  8. I really thought and really hoped that K would be just fine! I'm glad that's the way it turned out! If we had snow, I'd roll in it too just to celebrate! ...okay, I'd have one of my dogs do it! :-))

  9. Ecstatic snow wriggle - I love that! It sounds like the name of a poem.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Oh My Goodness, are you feeling this evening? Ouch! I felt sore just reading about your fall!

    I did giggle, though, at the opportunistic behaviors of the Duo after you fell...silly pups! But you can't blame a lab for being a lab :)

    I'm soooo happy that K is okay after yesterday's Kibble Mix Up! What a relief!!

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day my was gorgeous over here at DVR, too! The Mooselini Family did not show up but we did see some cute coyotes!
    Lots of gentle hugs your way,
    Sue bee doo and the DVR Crew!

  11. Big smiles watching K wiggle!!! Glad she is super ok!! :)
    Sierra Rose found her self on the receiving end of a skunks spray last night around midnight....her wriggle was all over our house carpets, as she fled by me indoors, before I could keep her on the deck to try to figure out what to do! All ok now...lots of rinsing eyes out, 3 baths, and perhaps more to come...carpet cleaning, and letting the super chilly air inside to air things out... Really wish we had made it to the mountains this weekend!!!! :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  12. Oh...and, so glad you are ok after the slip! I did one of those earlier this season on the ice, heard a crack...and was quite spooked. Careful out there!!!!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  13. The snow roll photos are great! I'm glad you are okay. It's sure been a year for a mix of ice and snow. In case you don't make it to my blog, I hope you'll check out this photo and what it says at another blog. I think you'll like it. You can click on the photo once there to read what it says.

  14. Hi KB,

    You will be in our prayers this tonight that you will suffer no ill effects from your fall.

    We are so glad that K suffered no ill effects of the food mix up.

    That series of pictures of K rolling and getting up are priceless! Loved yesterdays pictures of the Downy and the Nuthatch.

    Wishing y'all and early spring!

    BrownDog's Humans

  15. I love the pictures of K rolling around and acting like a goof! She looks great!

    I read your post from yesterday, if it makes you feel any better I have given Leroy, Sherman's medicine and vice versa, more than once. And worse...I once gave my daughter the worng dose of medicine, I gave her it in Tablespoons, instead of teaspoons and had to call posion control, she was fine, but still I beat myself up over it for a long time!
    Mistakes happen...that is what makes us human:)

  16. K's goofy pics SO made me smile!

    Thanks for sharing them!

  17. I am so happy that K is okay and you are ok.
    I love the wriggling in the snow!!
    I think thier making snow angels!
    And I don't blame them for looking for that jackpot of treats!

  18. looks like a wonderful day.
    your dog looks like a pup to me in these photos.

  19. Sorry to hear of your fall. Isn't it funny how we think our dogs are coming to save us and it always come down to the food?? BOL We agree with you there, for the love of a dog.

  20. So pleased about K.

    That first photo of R is a real classic.

  21. Hope you're ok! We know the dogs were rushing over to protect you, and if any fallen treats accidently had to be rescued, too, well, that's life. Really, K was lying close to you to keep you warm. And we bet if you hadn't been able to move, R would have raced home just like Lassie to bring help. Once again, do you carry a cell phone or a klaxon or one of those lo-jack things to pinpoint your location?

    We haven't read about K's misadventure yet. We're off to do it now.

    Jed & Abby

  22. So glad K demonstrated da correct way to get legs are just a tad short so it don't take me as long to get up...hehehe!

    Good gravies lady, you is gonna gives us a heart attack withs you fallin' leat K and R was theres to make sures you was okays...bwhahahaha...yea right. I mean afters they eated da loose treats. Hopes you no too sore.


  23. I hope that you're feeling few effects of your fall yesterday. And, I'm very glad that K is feeling fine after her gourmet adventures. She's such a charming animal, whether she's being a princess or a clown.

  24. R does look so distinguished and K so very happy in those photos! Sorry about your fall, though!

  25. I do hope you are okay after that fall. That is scary. The pictures are great and I love the ones that show the goofy side!! Be careful on that ice! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  26. We is very happy dat you is OK after your fall and dat K is Okie Dokie too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  27. Awesome wriggle photos... what a cool sequence!

  28. In June 2007 Sophie and I were walking the rocky edge of the beach and unbeknownst to me was a dead fish just waiting for her to devour. I ran towards her because I thought the fish carcass may end up in a vomit session later. Well, I tripped landing on my left cheek bone..knocked myself out and with the tide coming in..really didn't care much what happened. Sophie dropped the fish and came over to me and sat while I became more aware. Love her to this day even if she seeks out the worst things to gnaw on!

  29. Ahhh, that last paragraph tugs on my heart! How wonderful that K returns your sentiments so appropriately. Love that sunset. Haven't read about the mistake yet, but I hope everything's okay...


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