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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The thriving bobcat and a Duo smile

Yesterday, I checked a wildlife camera and discovered positive proof that our bobcat is alive and well after he has stayed hidden for weeks. He finally visited one of his main scent posts where I've captured his photo many times over the past months. In fact, he even left behind a message.

He started by kicking back with each hind paw in succession, sort of like he was running with his hind legs.
Then, he made a "large deposit" at the scent post. That tells us that he had a big meal lately. He's doing well, I think.
Remember, just the other day, I noted that a deer sniffed this scent post that has been marked by many different species. The bobcat marks it most frequently, at least once per month and usually more often. Since September, mountain lions have marked it twice, a bear has marked it once, and coyotes have marked it twice. For some reason that I cannot perceive, it's a very important spot for the wildlife.

Later in the day, I took the Duo for a hike. In the non-snowy parts of the hike, I let R run off-leash because his elbow seems to be fine after the scare the other day. For safety's sake, I leashed him in the really deep snow to prevent the wild porpoising that hurt him the other day.

Near the start of the hike, the Duo waited for a recall. I cannot believe how tall R has become. He has had a serious growth spurt over the past couple of months ago at age 3! For him, the awesome part has been that the vet ordered us to *double* his food rations when he grew too tall and skinny. He loves that part!
As they sat stationary, I called them, using my customary "Dogs come!". For some reason, both of them stuck out their tongues as they accelerated out of their stay. Tongue flicking is a "calming signal". I probably sounded more emphatic than usual because they both blew off our first attempt at a recall by running directly away from me and into the meadow. Perhaps they were trying to calm me down with their tongue flicks. Whatever the reason, I liked the image.
Then, the tongues disappeared, and they sprinted. They actually came to me this time!
Later in the hike, just before it was time to leash him, R gave me this devilish look!
Yesterday, I was having a very lousy day in terms of my spine, with my lumbar bad disc causing electrical pain in my leg and a numb foot. That fall into the powder when I heard the moose during snow biking might have been the culprit.

My hike with Duo painted a smile back on my face, at least for a while. I love my furry buddies, even if their tongues don't compare to the bear sow's tongue who I captured with a wildlife camera last March!


  1. How long will it be before you're able to check the bear den cams? I know you don't like to disturb them.

    I love how in sync K and R are! Even their tongues are working together. They always make me smile, too!

  2. Every buddy is showing their tongues over there, even Smokey
    Benny & Lily

  3. We wondered about that fall you had. Hope the discomfort mellows quickly.

    Thunder says he would do his darndest to get taller if that would mean doubling his rations:) And if R grew at 3, is there still hope that the Pest will grow too?

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. OMD!! Your dogs don't always come zooming at you on the first recall? What a relief for the rest of us! (See my comment on Wild Dingo's post about Juno following the horse.)

    Love the tongues, and LOVE R's devilish look!

    Feel better :-)

  5. I hope your pain eases off soon. The pictures are fantastic. To see that much wildlife come through has got to be exciting. I love the dogs and the tongues sticking out! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  6. Great photos! Mom luvs da "devil" picture of R, her says it reminds her of me! :) Happy Saturday!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Corbin, Levi Mac, Emmett and me live near each other and we have real play dates together!

  7. I bet Mango and The Pea will claim 'growth spurt'!

    Great shots!

    Khyra still can't decide if the khytty or the khoyote are her favourite!

  8. It's amazing to me that all that wildlife chooses to mark the same spot on the trail. You got some great photos of the Bobcat! I like two pics of R & K in their recall. Hope your spine feels a lot better soon.

  9. Those ears are hysterical!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. I'm sorry the pain is ugly right now...
    That pic with the tongues is priceless.

  11. Double rations. No wonder R looks so happy. Can't be long before warmer , ache and pain dispelling weather, arrives.

  12. Bahaha, I just can't stop smiling when I see R's devilish look peekture! & I love the tongue peek too, hehe.


  13. Love the marking of the same area by so many different animals. I had always thought of "marking over" another animal to be a sign of dominance, but now realize that it appears to be some other signaling.

    And of course - we love the ears!

  14. I think the bobcat got fed up with the weather and went on a cruise ;) It just got back and is checking it's territory :).

  15. So the next two months could be the worst weather wise there...all I can say is...take her easy Nelly and watch yer back. That lumbar problem sure is one annoyance eh! PS..lovin' those tongue shots!

  16. Hope that you back is feeling better. Your dogs are so great. Like so many others, I love the picture of the tongues, and am utterly amazed at how long that bear's tongue is. And, I'm very glad to see that the bobcat is still alive and well.

  17. I hope you're feeling better now. xoxo

  18. L♥ve the photo of the dogs giving you the raspberry! How cute is that!

    So sorry about your spine. I KNOW what it's like to have that horrible, electric pain radiate all the way down to your toes. You'll be in my thoughts.

  19. Hope you feel better today. Our foothills got dumped with snow last night and the snowy backdrop for our run this morning had me thinking of you guys. I was freeeezing! I kind of muttered about how KB won't be so wimpy in 35 degrees and got moving =) One of the most beautiful mornings!

    About recalls...Kona tongue flicks also and she often veers off to the side before reaching me. Sometimes she's legitly distracted but it's often because (I think) she nervous about running straight to me.

    I started turning my body sideways and will sometimes stick my hand out to the side also as a target for her. It doesn't sound like K and R need a side-turn, but it is interesting to hear about their tongue flicking. I thought maybe Kona was showing another Kona fear-quirk with the recall bail but it looks like it may be tough for other dogs as well. Interesting stuff!

  20. Hi Y'all,

    I missed Fridays post. I'm catchin' up this evening. I'm so sorry about your tumble and scare.

    I'm so happy R is okay.

    What expressions you manage to capture on the pairs faces!

    So glad your back up and getting around.

    BrownDog's Momma

  21. I hope by the time you read this, you're feeling better! I'll check in tomorrow, just to be sure! :-)

  22. I hope your feeling better KB.
    I so feel for you!!
    Gorgeous photos as always!


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