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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Splendid colors

Our world has suddenly changed colors. Now yellows dominate...
And, K's fur and eyes look different with the golden hue around her.
Some deep red hues also have popped out. Wild rose bushes have blood red leaves and candy red rose hips, and they covered the ground in areas like where K stood in the photo below. When K stands in the reddish landscape, her fur takes a rusty hue.
Both K and R think that rose hips are a delicacy. K nibbled on one as I took photos.
As I took the photos of K in the rose bushes, the sun was setting behind me in a kaleidoscope of reds, purples, and oranges, making the rose bushes look even deeper red.
Just as the world fell into darkness, a fiery orange danced above the Continental Divide.
This time of year is like Nature's last hurrah before going to sleep for the winter.


  1. Hi Y'all,

    Your world is like magic with Mother Nature in charge. :)

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. I just sit here in awe as I look at your photos. I am taking Bert up into our hills again tomorrow in hopes of catching more of the maples, but there will never be anything as striking to me as a forest of aspen in their fall colors with the blue sky behind.

    It literally takes my breath away and you captured it so beautifully. I love the Rockies and feel so blessed to be in the area I am in, but oh what I would give to have them in my back yard as they are in yours.

    Your post today almost brings me to tears.

    Berts My Vickie

    Oh for Pete's sake....MY Vickie can be such a drama queen.

  3. Well, if Bert's Vickie is a drama queen, so am I. Nature is splendid, even when it's painful.

  4. Oh my gosh, K is the lady of the mountains! That first shot reminded me of another one I've been admiring on Flickr. I think K looks good in any season, but I have to agree that Autumn really becomes her. I am just in awe of your photos today!

  5. Your fall reminds me so much of Alaska with its brilliant colors and is just gorgeous as is K with the spectacular colors!

  6. where the heck did summer go?
    Benny & Lily

  7. I want to come celebrate fall with you! The colors that surround you are beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)

  8. I have never seen the kinds of skies you photograph. So very, very beautiful!

    I do miss the bears though.

    Stella, Jo and Zkhat, who hopes your back is better!

  9. Your autumn is ahead of our,, and I think yours is leading the way!
    Gorgeous colors,, and beautiful K.. what a wonderful way to end my day , by looking at all this beauty of your world.

  10. Breathtaking...the sunset and K!

  11. I never knew some of those colors existed... amazing.

  12. Mother Nature sure knows how to use her full palette of colors this time of year.

  13. We don't get a lot of reds and deep orange here in the KC area, but lots of yellow and rustic orange. We truly lack the vibrancy of your colors there - those yellows are so brilliant. We love how nature shows off K's gorgeous furs.

  14. Love the changing colors of K's coat. What a colorful world you live in.

  15. I do hope that I will be able to see the yellow Aspens someday. I can almost feel them falling down all around me. Great photographs.

  16. Gorgeous! I love K surrounded by the yellow leaves. Your sunsets are so colorful. They look like paintings.


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