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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tired Winter Thursday

K and I rolled out early this morning for a snowbike ride. To our relief, we didn't see any hunters' vehicles parked in the usual places, making me feel more at ease in the forest. We missed actual sunrise but we played in low angle sun at a favorite lookout point.
K was full of energy, and I watched her romp in the snow, enjoying her happiness. I took off her orange vest briefly so that I could get a photo of her full chocolate coat.
Although I was feeling exhausted today, I headed for some solo riding and wildlife camera visits after I left K at home. Some days when I'm tired, riding my bike energizes me. Not today. Every pedal stroke felt like a monumental effort. I cursed my huge wide tires and how much work it takes to push them across the ground. I conveniently forgot that I wouldn't even have been able to pedal through the snow on parts of my ride today without wide tires. Ah well, we all have those days. They make the great days even better.
Checking the cameras showed me that the deer have fled our neck of the woods in the past few days, after marching past my trail cameras on many occasions in recent weeks. We've had a hunter who has been scouring the woods and has scared them off. I hope that this big buck, who has delighted me with his majestic antlers, is still alive and well.
Another big buck visited a camera, first cautiously sticking his head into its view.
Then, he trotted past the huge Ponderosa Pine tree keeping his eye on the suspicious trail camera.
I wonder if the younger buck shown below, sans one antler, tangled with a big buck. I admire his panache if he had the courage to take one of them on.
My trail cameras have made me root much harder for the wildlife during hunting season because I capture glimpses of their lives throughout the year. I'm hoping that these bucks are still alive and well when hunting season ends. At least one of our local herd has been "harvested", as I know because the dogs and I found the "gut pile" near our property.

This evening, we headed out for our sunset hike and saw birds flying south across the colorful skies. They seem like they're running a little late... but who am I to second-guess them?
As the sun set, the moon simultaneously rose on the opposite side of our world. K was "over the moon"!
Now, it's time to sleep and hopefully find my usual energy for life tomorrow!


  1. I'm so sorry you're feeling less than 100% again. I hope the rides, the labs and the wildlife cameras lift you spirits and your energy level.

  2. Beautiful...get re-energized for tomorrow. Don't forget your vest
    Benny & Lily

  3. I love the photos - esp. the "over the moon" one! Hope all your bucks are alive and counted for after the hunting season is over. Is that canister to your left side the bear spray? I've never carried it, but maybe next summer I will. By the way, I commented on your last post but it must not have gone through - maybe I typed the wrong word verification. I wanted to tell you how much I like the photo of K with her amber eyes looking at you. I "might" ski tomorrow on opening day - it IS 11/11/11 after all - I should do something momentous!

  4. I need a different kind of vest, one that is reflective since it's dark out now after work, when I walk the dogs. Those bucks are definitely impressive. I hope they make it through hunting season.

    I'm trying one of those therapeutic light things for 15 minutes a day. It does seem to be helping but I still have those days of total muscle fatigue. I hope you are reenergized tomorrow!

  5. What great photographs of the deer and of gorgeous K! I do hope these bucks escape the hunters this year.

    Sorry your energy level waned. Hope it's just a one-day thing.

  6. Tomorrow's a new day. Hope you feel better!

  7. I hoping to wake up feeling more energized myself! Rumor has it we might see that mysterious glowing orb here in the sky tomorrow. I've almost forgotten what it looks like!

    I love your K pictures today!

  8. wonderful post as always.

    when i saw your tires my eyes popped, huge! Very cool that you can ride through the snow.

    i had never seen a deer with a broken antler, one has to wonder at that tale.

  9. We send you White Dog energy and strength to face tomorrow's challenges and clearly see the day's beauty.

  10. What a handsome fellow despite the broken antler . Hunters can be a real downer .

  11. Hi Y'all,

    Like you I have always been sad when a buck I have seen and whose tracks I have noticed suddenly falls to a hunter's weapon. While I understand the necessity for hunting...and I have prepared all kinds of wild makes me want to cry.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Great picture of K and the moon. I've been seeing more coyotes when we are out and about. I'm not sure why, maybe because with the shorter days we are out closer to dusk. Someday I hope I can get a trail camera too.

  13. Hi KB, hope you feel better tomorrow. You photos always make us feel good. We love your photos of the big buck. Just magnificant. Take care. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  14. Sleep is what rejuvenates the body and soul....R knows that for sure in the last picture...moon photo is a big check mark....niiiiicccee!

  15. I really need bike tires like that whenever we move back to AK

    Stop on by for a visit!

  16. Great photos to the moon. I watched several Coyotes if we were in and around them. I'm not sure why we around the short days dusk. Once you get the range of the camera.
    winter tyres


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