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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beautiful Animals and a Thief

I love my trail cameras. They let me see what is going on in the forest, with a view that an actual human can never see because they scare the animals when they're around.

I've fallen behind in telling you about the very large numbers of mountain lions I've captured photos of recently. This was one of three occasions where I captured two lions together. I never saw the whole body of the second one so I'm not sure if they're a mother-kitten pair or a mating pair.
I'm guessing that they were a mating pair, because male mountain lions scrape the ground frequently, like in the next photo. This adult lion is in the process of kicking back with each hind foot, to leave a territorial "scrape". There's no reason for a male lion to be with another lion, except for mating.
For the following month, a mother deer and her fawns hung out in this spot. Aren't they incredibly cute?
And then, the top predator was back again. He sniffed the ground.
And then he carefully sniffed the low hanging tree branches. I'm betting that the deer had rubbed against them during their visits.
On the same night, I believe that the same mountain lion visited another "marking spot" that our lions are drawn to. I love this view... he looks so long and lithe.
Alas, today, I went out to check a favorite trail camera, and my faith in humankind was shaken again. The camera was gone - stolen. Some lowlife person must have seen it earlier in the summer, and then returned with tools for cutting the lock. So, it was "premeditated" theft.

It's amazing how I continue to be surprised by the downright mean behavior of some of our fellow humans. I should have learned by now that some people have no ethics. Instead, when I saw the camera's spot empty, I just stood there, feet stuck to the ground, as I attempted to digest the "news" that my camera had been stolen. I was shocked.

Just like last time this happened, I will not let the bad people win. Unlike when the first theft occurred, I now have a system in place that might help me get the camera back. The first time this happened to me, I had naively assumed that no one would ever steal a trail camera. Ha! I have some hope this time because I was prepared for it to happen again.

We will try to bounce back and forge forward, just like Sweet Shyla.
Shyla Flies!


  1. Those cat images are just magical! Wowza.
    And I'm so sorry about the theft. I've had things stolen and know that feeling of being immobilized, trying to "get it." As unrealistic as it sounds, theft just does not fit easily into my own little view of my own little world. Good for you, moving right from disbelief into rebound! Fingers crossed for a good outcome, whatever that might be.

  2. awesome big cats! sorry about the camera loss...

  3. People sure can suck! I am sorry some jack-a$$ took your camera. That makes me very mad!

  4. What a treat to see the great photographs of wildlife in the Rockies. You just don't like to believe that people who hike the mountains would stoop so low.

  5. Some people are lowlife scum! I hope you get your camera back or find out who did it. I liked seeing your captures.

  6. I love the pictures from your trail camera and Shyla is adorable, too!!

    I'm sorry the other camera got stolen... That is horrible! I hope you can get it back.. :(

  7. I'm sure your system will show the thief, and then give them what they deserve. Yes, bolt cutters, and maybe at night, how low. On a brighter note, superb captures, every one. Let us all move like Shyla, forging ahead, letting troubles diminish in the far distance. Hugs,Jean.p.s. She is one truly gorgeous girl

  8. I am so sorry about your camera, that really stinks. The mountain lions are amazing to watch. I always love your pictures of life around your area. The fawns are so precious and nothing like Shyla to brighten my day.

    Anne and Sasha

  9. Like you my MOM, and me, just don't understand. I sure hope whatever system you have in place will get your camera back.
    On a happier note LOOK AT SHYLA GO!! All she needs is a cape.

  10. I'm so sorry about the theft. I hope you get the camera back.

    Great pictures!

  11. We hope you electrify the next one so the thief gets quite a shock if he touches anything that doesn't belong to him. grrrrrrrrrr

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  12. So many great photos!

    That is awful about the trail camera. What a scumbag! All fingers, paws and hooves crossed that you can track it down.

  13. I am so very sorry about your camera. It never ceases to amaze me...people have no respect for other's belongings these days. Very sad.

    Love the picture of Shyla! Enjoy your long weekend!

  14. Seriously? I'm so sorry. People are so awful sometimes.

    How far are the lions from your home? Do you worry?

    Monty and Harlow

  15. Wow those lions are just incredible. I'm a little nervous for the fawns, which is irrational of course, because the lions have to eat too…but they are so sweet I can't help hoping they don't cross paths with the handsome predator.

    Speaking of predators, you are right on with your point about which animals in the mountains are harmful. What I have never understood is how people can have such ugly thoughts when they are in such a beautiful setting.

  16. Shaking my head at the depth we humans would go. Hopefully, you will catch the thief.

    And stunning photos of the Mountain Lions!

  17. I hope you catch them and get your camera back. People can be such ass hats.

  18. So darn humans always have to ruin everything. Terrific photos though!!!

  19. Beautiful pictures. Wrap the cameras in razor wire
    Lily & Edward

  20. We love seeing the lions AND the deer especially. But we must say our favorite of today's photos is the last one of sweet Shyla!

    Hope you not only get your camera back but also catch the thief!!!

  21. Howdy Mates, once again beautiful photos. The mountain lions are so amazing and the deer so sweet. Sorry about the loss of your camera. Hope it can be recovered somehow. Shyla looks totally fabulous in the last photo. Take care when you're out and about mate.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  22. Check e-bay for trail cameras, it might show up.

    Love all that wildlife.

  23. Oh man, sometimes peeps just suck.
    I sure am glad you have a way to find it...paws crossed!
    Oh, I just love the pics of all the animals! I love gettin' a look at the Mountain Lions!!! And Bambi, well, they just never get old!
    R, I hear ya! I bark in excitment too..though, it's usually to tell Ma to hurry her arse up...she can be SO slow...
    Ruby ♥

  24. bad people stealing your camera makes us so mad too!

    those kittys are amazing!

  25. Great photos! And GRRRRRR to those evil peoples stealing your camera! I want to put the bitey on them!!


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