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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Skyday

We were beyond thrilled when we arrived at our new campsite outside Crested Butte to find clear skies! Based on our web research, Crested Butte looked like an island of drier weather in the midst of our rainy state - so we immediately made a beeline for it.

Our campsite had incredible wildflowers all around it with sunshine making them glow.
It also had a pond about 50 yards away! R perfected his takeoff technique over the coming days. Lift off...
... and flight!
Shyla was watching his technique, and we saw her take flight for the first time in her young life. After leaping and flying for her first time, Shyla decided that she loved it, and we saw her do this many times in the following days. The "butt up in the air" pose was Shyla's unique twist to the Lab diving technique.
On that first evening, the sunset was beautiful - even more than usual because we hadn't seen sunshine in days.
The few clouds in the sky dissipated after the sun went down. The stars twinkled overhead with the bright moon up just after sunset. It was so bright that it was tough to see shooting stars, although there is one short one toward the upper right of the photo. This photo was taken with the camera pointed to the east while the moon was still up.
Then, after the moon set, I programmed the camera to take photos while we slept. The camera took many 4 minute exposures (with 5 seconds breaks between them) over the course of two and a half hours. You can see how many more stars were visible without the moon in this photo than when the moon was out (above). The North Star is at the center of all those circles.
While my camera was making star photos, we drifted off to sleep, eagerly anticipating riding/running on the many gorgeous trails near us the next morning. It was amazing how sun and clear skies lifted our spirits!


  1. just beautiful! love the leaping labs!

  2. I like when your camera stargazes! I've never been to Crested Butte during peak wildflower season - I hear it's divine.

  3. Looks like everyone had a fun time.
    Happy Crazy Love.

    xo Cinnamon

  4. I love the way a clear, fresh day can make me feel that things are just...possible.
    You certainly made the right decision to move camp! Love the flying dogs, and the landscape and skyscapes are gorgeous.

  5. Hooray for sunshine. I must admit I've never seen the butt-up diving style. But whatever works, I always say.

  6. Yay, sunshine! And stars. I love all of your pictures.

  7. Wow!

    Your pictures are always so pretty!

  8. That is such an especially beautiful area! The star photos are thrilling because they reveal just how much goes on that we don't really notice. Truly loved the joy of life exuded by the swimming pups.

  9. Nice "Lab Diving"!
    Super "WOW" on the star photos.


  10. More Award Worthy Photos!!! Love those stargazing photos and the Leaping Labs are AWESOME! So glad that Shyla is learning to dive! I just love watching the dogs enjoy the water!!

  11. Those action photos are terrific!!!

  12. Haha Shyla's technique makes for a dynamic picture! Love the star photo. That is so cool.

  13. Ha! Love Shyla's diving posture! She's such a silly girl!

    Your camping trip sounds like it was beautiful (ok, minus the rain).
    Love the star photos.

    ♥ Behr Behr :)

  14. As usual, we're taken by the beauty of your photos. Love Shyla's diving technique!

  15. Flying, leaping Labs! Awesome pics. How wonderful to be there camping, running, hiking and all the rest. A happy fun time
    Ernie and the furkids

  16. Love the leaping labs! Those star pictures are just amazing.

  17. We love the pictures of you guys diving into the water! Your photos are always beautiful and amazing, KB!

  18. Love your Pictures!!! Would really want to go there

  19. Beautiful!!! Just love the star trails!!!


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