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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Happy Happy Saturday!

I am still glowing after yesterday's rescue. Bounder's owner says he is home, happy, and "eating and drinking tons".  Thanks for all of your kind comments yesterday!

Shyla and I had a celebration ride together this morning. Shyla has become crazy about that stump (in the photo) on Hug Hill. It was Angel K's favorite place to perch on Hug Hill but Shyla hasn't been interested in it until recently. If I recall her from the other side of it, she leaps on it on her way to me, just for fun!
These are the "good old days" for Shyla. She's at her peak, and she's loving it. I do wish she'd be more careful of her joints but I guess she feels invincible.

We both smiled all the way through our morning ride. Can you believe that this trail had snow on it just a month ago? It's like nirvana now with wildflowers lining it.

And, to top off our day, the first Columbines are blooming!!!

Prepare yourselves for a few weeks of Columbine overload. They are my favorite flowers!
Happy Saturday to all of you. I hope that you are smiling along with us.


  1. That's sure some fun you're having there sweet Shyla! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  2. Your last photo , perfection through your lens. And Shyla on the stump, she loves those mountains.

  3. No wonder that flower is your favourite. It is beautiful. You could never tire of looking at them. And yes I'm smiling!!!'

  4. The Columbines are just beautiful and so are you, Shyla!

  5. it's so great to see the columbines now after this long winter in your area :o) Have a super sunday!

  6. yet another Super Shot of Shyla on that stump... so beautiful. so are the flowers. Jake has slowed to half his energy levels and it breaks my heart

  7. The spring colours in the sun are amazing! So glad your rescue is doing well!

  8. so much beauty and joy!
    so glad the dog is ok!

  9. Just what I needed today. Thank you

  10. Your reward for the great Bounder rescue is your first columbine of the season!

  11. Whenever you show columbine pictures is hear Joni Mitchell's words, "columbines and wizardry." Such beautiful flowers!

  12. The most beautiful flowers we have ever seen!


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