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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Desert Trip - Like Visiting Mars

Back to our desert trip - After a few days at K's Rock, we moved onto another beloved campsite. We found this site more than a decade ago but it's become popular since then. We always try to choose very "unpopular" dates and days of the week to visit it now. We did that perfectly this time!

This was the view from our campsite. As you can see, we ran into some storms during our first couple of days there.

Any running in this area requires boots for dogs due to slickrock and cacti. It was a little sad to see only one set drying on the boulder because R wasn't running.

As you can see, Shyla was running pretty happily in this set of Ultrapaw boots (a gift from Lily and Edward - Thank you!).

However, somehow, she shed her hind boots when I wasn't looking. I searched and searched and searched - and I found one of the two lost ones.

Despite the never-ending boot struggle, Shyla and I had fun on our mountain bike rides. It's like riding a bike on Mars because the terrain is so alien. (This photo was pre-boot-loss).

Of course, R was recuperating from surgery so he stayed around camp all the time. He seemed to soak up the sun like a lizard as he relaxed.

We enjoyed looking at the petroglyphs near our campsite. It is upsetting, however, to see the vandalism grow by the year. The "Joh..." in the right is obviously not ancient.

The sunsets at this site are sublime. I discovered the amazing sunset light here first with Angel K. The tradition of sunset photos of my chocolate lab has continued with sweet Shyla. There's something about chocolate fur, red-orange rocks, and sweet eyes that melts my heart.

The sunlight turned a deeper red as sunset approached.
No doubt, we'll be visiting this site again in the fall. We have some "sneaky" plans to try to visit when it should be deserted, like it was on this last trip.

When we moved to Colorado many years ago, I had no idea that we'd fall in love with the desert. But we have. Desert time is a highlight of every year!


  1. Such a beautiful desert trip!
    Shyla and R both get more and more beautful!

  2. The desert is just beautiful! What a relaxing get-away for peeps and pups!

  3. It really does look alien!

    And GRRRR to the people who feel the need to ruin the ancient petroglyphs.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Except for Jo, aye?? What drives people to do such things?

  5. I agree the Jo is probably more modern (f)art :o( Shyla that means there is one boot lonesome somewhere in the sand? I wonder what people think when they find it :o)

  6. i have always wanted to see a desert like this and that light makes me want to even more. the light makes the fur glow... we do the same thing when we go to the beach, pick a time and a day that others would not go...

  7. We loves these beautiful pictures, and laughed at the shoe line up one. stella rose

  8. It is so nice to see your desert photos - something we have never seen in person. The sublime sunsets are amazing.

  9. Oh my dawg you gots your hiking boots on BOL. We have 87 pairs of boots and socks ranging from $10 to $87 dollars and they all fall off at some point. Mars is cool
    Lily & Edward

  10. Beautiful photos! Barley has a habit of shedding her boots if I don't keep a close eye on her, too! Sorry you were only able to find one of them!

  11. The boots are so awesome. Good for desert exploring!!

  12. Stunning is not enough to describe your landscapes. Losing the boots, can a sock go inside or be attached so it goes further up her leg? then Velcro? is that what it is called over there? from boot to sock? or would that all pull off together? R is looking so well, happy, relaxed, and warm.

  13. R looks great!

    Aroo to you,

  14. such a beautiful place and your photos are amazing, as always!

  15. A grand adventure that produced wonderful pictures

  16. I love the way Shyla's fur "glows" by the evening light!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

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