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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thankful Thursday - So much to be grateful for

I am grateful for the beautiful red sunlight at sunrise.

I am grateful that we have only smoke and no active fires near us. That is the Continental Divide behind Shyla, and you can barely see it through the smoke.

I am grateful for the breaks from the smoke when we can see gorgeous blue sky over a meadow with an amazing singletrack trail beckoning me to pedal up higher.

I am grateful that fate let me find my wedding ring, which I lost in the forest on an extremely cold day last winter - 7 months ago. Today, I stopped to check a trail cam, and there it was, lying at my feet. I've been wearing a replacement one... but I'm so glad to have the one that the Runner slipped onto my finger all those years ago.

Can you believe that my eyes picked out the ring from the forest duff on the ground?

Lastly, I am grateful for our current Labraduo. As we walked in the forest this evening, my heart swelled with gratitude for this incredible pair.
There was a day when I would've never visualized R as the big brother who guides his fearful sister through life - but that is his role and he fills it perfectly.

There is so much to be grateful for when I pause and think about all the parts of my life!


  1. wow that is like a little miracle that you found the ring back... or it was karma... the best one ever ;O)

  2. That is amazing you found your ring. My mom would be a mess too if she lost hers. Gramma lost her ring in a grocery store freezer years and year ago but never found it. There must be a reason your ring appeared there suddenly.

  3. Cool that you found your ring!!!!
    Smoke over here too...

  4. Shyla love that wave you are giving us today. Kitty kisses to you.
    Oh my word above your Mom found her wedding ring...after 7 stars what a miracle. That calls for a big celebration. We are astounded and so happy.
    Love the Labraduo photo.
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. I can't believe you found your ring! That is amazing!
    I'm thankful to you for sharing your gorgeous photos and inspirational stories!

  6. What a blessing it is to have your ring back.
    We hope your skies are smoke free always!
    ♥Asto & ♥ Mitzie

  7. What a great find!!! Such a tiny treasure to spot in the midst of all that forest duff - it was meant to be!!!

  8. looking at them from the rear view is really a touching photo of them. amazing find and so glad you found it. Bob lost his and we did not know where, 3 years later, he was using the blower on the side yard, close to the drive way where he washes his truck, and the blower blew the ring up in the air... it was there all that time. we had looked and looked, at the dog park, at the flying park, and any other place including home.

  9. What a wonderful feeling it must have been to see you ring laying there!!

  10. What incredible luck to find your lost wedding ring! We are thrilled for you, KB!

  11. Sunshine on gold, how wonderful to find your wedding ring. The Duo, perfect in unison, and the smoke, I hope you stay safe and do not have to evacuate.

  12. What a wonderful gratitude list KB, especially that you found your wedding ring. I am thankful for you and the pack.
    Love your area.

  13. How incredibly AMAZING that you found your wedding ring! Wow, just WOW! So happy for you!

  14. I love it all. Isn't it amazing that you found your wedding ring! I lost mine when traveling, and no one ever reported finding it. Hubby lost his in my brother's yard and we couldn't find it in the grass!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. OMD, I can't believes your found your ring!!!! That is truly amazing!!!! I'll do some tunnel zoomies for you!
    You sure do have tons to be thankful for! I would be thankful for some extra treaties....hint hint ☺
    Ruby ♥

  16. OMD, how amazing that you found your ring!! Not a wedding ring, but Momma has a beloved ring she lost a few years ago. She hoped and hoped right up until she moved out of that house that it would magically turn up someday.

  17. What a special moment that must have been to find your ring! This a wonderful Thankful Thursday post
    Hazel & Mabel

  18. Wow, that's incredible you found your ring! Bravo.

  19. You have something really special to be grateful for this time. But kudos to you for finding so many smaller things to be grateful for every week. So happy you found your ring.


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