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Thursday, October 1, 2009

K's spark reignited

During yesterday evening's hike, the moon arced over a glowing orange stand of aspens in our meadow. To me, the moon shining in the sky felt like a unifying force for all of us. No matter where on Earth we stand, we all gaze at the same moon.
This morning, the thermometer read 26°F (-3°C) as I donned my cycling garb. I dug out my insulated pogies, mittens, chemical hand warmers, neck gaiter, ear band, and winter shoes. Then, K and I plunged into the shockingly frigid and windy world. The rush of cold air on my skin reminded me of leaping into a deep lake.
At first, I felt grumpy about the cold and harshness of winter. But, as the bracing wind whipped across my face, I remembered how I love truly experiencing nature's elements - even in the winter. I far prefer to dive into winter than to sit in my artificially warm home. Once I'm immersed in winter for a little while, I love it.

K and I wove our way through a labyrinth of small aspen trees. This grove is rooted in a protected alcove so bright leaves still decorated their bone white branches.
And, I pedaled up to the roof of our local trail system through a yellow-walled tunnel. My nerves tingled with sheer giddiness over the beauty and the winter-like air.
From the very start of our ride, K had an extra spark that I hadn't even known had been missing since her pancreatitis. She quivered with energy, urging me to ride faster. Today marked the first day since her illness that I labored to keep up with her. I loved watching her graceful form glide through the yellow-carpeted forest. In the more exposed aspen groves, the chinook wind had ripped many leaves from their moorings overnight, leaving a soft yellow carpet with that distinctive scent of musty leaves in autumn. K whooshed across the carpet.We stopped in a pine forest, and I found my girl gazing at me. Sun rays filtered through the pine trees giving her fur a rosy glow and highlighting her eyelashes. But, most of all, her earnest eyes touched my soul.
We hurried home, after a relatively short ride, so that I could go have my wisdom teeth ripped from their moorings. The procedure itself was easier than I expected. But, the aftermath is tougher than I expected. Pain, swelling - you know the drill. The biggest problem is that despite the pain, my stomach is growling with hunger from mountain biking in the cold this morning. I think that I earned a milk shake!

On my way home from the dentist, I spotted a small yellow Lab with fox red highlights who looked just like our recently deceased S. The heart-warming sight brought a lump to my throat. When I arrived home, I found a favorite photo of him and K snuggled up together, like peas in a pod. We were so lucky that S graced all of us, human and canine, with his spirit. He transformed us in myriad ways and, by doing so, his spirit lives on.


  1. So sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. That's one procedure I hope I never have to have.

    Really love the first picture of the moon over the grove of trees.

  2. can see that K is feeling good, what great pictures...
    the last pic with S is priceless, what a beauty...
    in my mind you have already started your nature and dog book thru you blog....a book would about your life...perfect!

  3. A new month with the same results: a great post of khontent AND pikhs!

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry the videos kept lokhking woo!

  4. Love the snuggle bug shot. Glad to hear the teeth thing is OVER, but sorry for the aftermath. I've so been there.

    Feel better!

    And, yes, it was C-O-L-D this morning.

  5. I am new in blogging. Now I enjoy immensely
    to find people saying so much the same with me. Yes, there is a moon smiling in the night the same way to me as to you where ever you are.
    Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts. Blue Bird :-)

  6. Hi KB,
    I'm baaaaack! I've viewed your beautiful photos from the time I was gone. Loved that elk skeleton! Your aspens are beautiful! I sure hope your face/mouth/teeth are back to normal soon. I especially am glad that K is feeling so well & is spunky again.There is snow in my yard here in Breck. The aspens are still holding their own. Take care of yourself.

  7. How wonderful it is to see K with so much energy! I loved to see her running on the path. And the photograph of the moon is outstanding.

    Hope you feel better soon. I'm glad you and K had such a good morning. You'll have to take it easy for a while in spite of the fact that K is eager to go.

  8. Hope your teeth r feeling ok.. again beautiful area you live in, so unlike our bush... I wouldnt be game to ride a bike with our girls but yours looks beautiful in full flight.

    I do have to ask though, Whats a Chinook wind??

  9. I've often had that same thought about the moon and have wondered if friends/family in other parts of the country have been looking at it at the same time I am.

    Love the pictures and small tribute to S. I lost my yellow lab almost a month ago to a ruptured splenic tumor and she is never far from my thoughts. Reading your blog has become part of my healing, as your thoughts on your dogs and the Colorado landscape resonate with me so much.

    Thank you. :)


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