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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow, snow, snow

The snow storm silently enveloped our world yesterday afternoon. At first barely noticeable, a few fluffy flakes floated out of the sky. Steadily the flakes fell with more urgency and pelted my face during our evening hike. Notice that I had the honor of three Labs accompanying me. We took care of K's boyfriend, another chocolate lab named JB, for a couple of days.Although JB is about 10 years older than R, he loves to play. While we all relaxed by the fire with the storm's fury outside, R and JB played.Then, JB joined K on her bed. They are a study in contrasts. K is petite Lab while JB is an elegantly long-legged Lab who moves like a small deer.
The world outdoors was starkly transformed overnight. Trees drooped with pillows of snow and boulders wore white cloaks. The snow muffled sound, and the forest seemed silent and still. I saw some large animal tracks on a hillside of boulders and pine trees but the snow had covered up the details. Both dogs sprinted toward the boulders like an animal had wandered among them recently.
Although the snow already measured about 18" deep, the dogs joyously porpoised through its powdery depths while I broke a cross-country ski trail.
R had to leap vertically to move forward!
Somehow, R found a stick in the depths of the snow, and it became the center of attention for about a mile. The duo both clamped it in their jaws of steel and sprinted through the snow like insanely happy dogs. I couldn't help but stop in my tracks to watch their antics!
The dogs arrived home happy and tired. A tired Lab is a good Lab!
The forecast says we'll get almost continuous snow until Thursday night, reaching a total of about 3' of snow. Watching the snow cascade out of the sky, I'm getting a niggling feeling that the forecast is underestimating our total. It's at least 2' already. I'm amazed that we still have power and internet - they usually fail in storms like this one.

Alas, although I loved being in the forest on my skis, it made my neck hurt and gave me a heinous headache by compressing nerves leaving my cervical spine. Based on my extensive experience, I knew that I had two treatment choices - pharmaceuticals or riding a bike. The snow bike wasn't an option because the snow on the trails wasn't packed yet. And, I didn't want to ride on the road with the possibility of a car sliding into me. So, I chose the indoor bike trainer, settled into a good spin, and read a book by a mountain lion researcher. Biking has magical healing power for my spine, and I finished my ride with my neck and head feeling almost normal.
Even though this snowstorm is definitely hampering my bike riding, it has magically transformed our world.


  1. We're well past the 2-foot mark here too. I've been working (or trying to work) all day, but I may just bundle up and poke around with the pups for a bit before the sun goes down.

    I love that K has a boyfriend. They look so cute on the dog bed together.

    I'm glad you spun on the trainer to derail the pain.

    Stay warm!

  2. Hi KB,
    I love, love, love the pics of the dogs enjoying the snow! We are in a winter wonderland here in Breck, too - though I think you have more. My son just called from Evergreen and said they have about 2'. Tomorrow is a cross country day for me, for sure! Yippee - I always want to delay the onset of winter but when it's upon us, I'm a child again!

  3. YEP!


    That looks like such fun!

    I love the paw bap too!

    It was khwite interesting to see the size khomparison!

    PeeEssWoo: We hadn't gotten this in GR yet when Mom asked how much woo had gotten!

  4. Hi there, Even here in the flat lands of Windsor, we probably got about 1' but my two old dogs still enjoying going out in the yard-of course maybe it's the treats they get for going outside.
    Glad you got to work out your neck and spine issues inside.
    Stay warm and enjoy.

  5. You know we are jealous of all the snow, but love the pictures of the canines at play - in and out of the house. Guessing your wildlife camera is quiet during a snow like this.

    Excellent choice on bike vs pharms for the pain. I always choose the exercise.

  6. I was going to ask whether you had an indoor bike. I'm glad you do for days like these.

    Love K and JB sleeping together. What an adorable shot!

    Stay warm.. we seemed to get 18 inches worth of rain today here in New York.. sadly it's not as fun or pretty as piles of snow.

  7. I thought of you immediately when I saw the huge snowfall. What a great time for the duo to have a visitor. I just loved the photographs of them having such a good time.

    Hope you can get your bike out soon.

  8. I had a whole thing written but I lost it somehow. Anyway your blog made me go back and look at our last year's winter. We are resolving to get out everyday in it and get a new picture of something beside the same old things.

    Here is a poem we found somewhere last winter that was about Wyoming but we changed it to Minniesnowda (courtesy of Khyra's Mum)

    It's winter in Minniesnowda
    And the gentle breezes blow
    Seventy miles an hour
    At twenty-five below.
    Oh, how I love Minniesnowda
    When the snow's up to your butt
    You take a breath of winter
    And your nose gets frozen shut.
    Yes, the weather here is wonderful
    So I guess I'll hang around
    I could never leave Minniesnowda
    'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!

    Just change it to Collierado!

    Jo and Stella

  9. Wow KB! You did get snow! I'm just so jealous that you get to revel in that "snow quite"! :)

  10. wow! so jealous, you (or should i say the dogs) captured the beauty perfectly!

  11. Stella sent us over. Your dogs look so happy to have lots of snow to play in. I'm sure mine would love some this year.


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