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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing ride with K on top of the world

The mountain view with endless blue skies behind it re-emerged at dawn the next day on our trip high in the San Juan Mountains. This view from our campsite is one that I'll store away for when I need an uplifting vision in the depths of the coming winter.
After eating breakfast while gazing at the view, K and I set out to have a frolicking good day above treeline with me on my mountain bike and K galloping easily next to me! We stopped for a break on the tundra.
We followed a buttery smooth trail that followed the undulating contours of the mountain beautifully with just a few steep climbs like this one.
I was crawling so slowly up this pitch that I noticed glorious flowers. Asters, gems that always remind us of our wonderful dog, Astro (his photo is in the sidebar). This hillside seemed like a memorial to him!
We rolled along, feeling carefree and happy. We reached our turn-around point, high on a red rock pass.
We met friends on the pass, hikers doing the entire Colorado Trail with their two dogs. Those dogs wore big packs. As they approached, K freaked out because their silhouettes didn't look like dogs. Once they were close, K realized that they were canines and everyone became friends. One of the dogs hung out with K on the pass.
After enjoying the views from the pass, we headed toward camp. As we neared our campsite, we came to a high mountain lake - woo hoo!
K, a Labrador to the heart, joyously retrieved sticks from the lake.
And shook off the water (I'm showing this photo despite her protests)!
Then, we made a beeline for camp, for another day of basking in paradise. It was our last day in this spectacular spot so we savored it. Carpe Diem!


  1. I feel like I just went to a happy place with you! What a great day for both of you! K looks so sweet and happy, and we'll pretend that we didn't see that last shot! ;)

  2. We have to echo what Houndstooth said. Always a joy to visit here.

  3. Another trip of yours for me to envy. K's even managing to smile with that stick lodged in her mouth. What a happy girl - I'm willing to bet you were just as happy as she was.

  4. These views are a lot of why we live in Colorado!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  5. Great photos. Wonder how that one rock in the top photo eroded like that ? Guess the point sticking into the sky was the heart of an old volcano.

  6. just glorious!
    we all look funny when we shake K! :)

  7. Beautiful hilltop view of asters and such a peaceful lake scene!

  8. K is the poster pup for livin' the dog's life. I especially like the picture of K and her canine friend. Nothing like two smiling dog faces to help me remember to carpe diem!

  9. What a fabulous time you are having! The swimming looks totally awesome!


  10. I can see the glow of your smile all the way up at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Denver. Can feel the joy in this lovely post, too. I hope, hope, hope with fingers and toes crossed and agave syrup on top the new equipment is safe forever...

  11. Oh, dear! That water shaking photo is simply too... too ... funny.

  12. Hi KB, Love the asters and the photo of K on the ridge - she looks quite fit, and I'm going to remember that image and not the shaking one at the end!! I was surprised to see that the pic you took of the lake had no beetle-kill trees. Beautiful!


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