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Thursday, August 19, 2010


The memories of tranquil moments in the mountains carried me through a hectic day. We went to the vet today - no news on our dogs' pancreatitis and UTI yet - but we saw lots of other crises unfolding. I think that being a vet must be one of the hardest jobs in the world on some days. It made me give my dogs a hug and thank goodness that their issues are curable.

Today, visions from the mountains danced through my head. On our recent trip, we headed straight for the San Juan Mountains after our brief stay near my mountain biking nirvana. Along the way, we saw a bear cub, born last winter, lope across the road to catch up with her mom who had already disappeared into a towering aspen grove. The cub was a miniature black creature who looked cute but determined. I wished her well and hoped that she'd live to raise her own cubs someday.

At our first campsite above Lake City, harebells nodded in the evening light.
The next morning, K and I had our first 'adventure' together, exploring a section of the Colorado trail that led high up onto a plateau near the Continental Divide.
I pedaled and K ran through lush green grass, Rocky Mountain rocks, wildflowers, and looming storms. The storms eventually led us to flee down the mountain to safety. The storm clouds behind the rust mountains painted a dramatic picture.
Last summer, K and I had a long and arduous day when we got lost on the Colorado Trail because I didn't know that it had been re-routed. During our ride on this day, some prankster had put up a fake Colorado Trail triangle and even constructed a misleading tall cairn of rocks. Fortunately, I had the route firmly painted in my mind (plus a good map and GPS unit in my backpack) so I didn't fall for the tricks. I wonder what would lead someone to maliciously try to lead people astray?

After our wonderful ride, we drove toward Silverton, stopping to camp in a lush green basin below a 14,000' peak.
We reveled in the still-blossoming Columbines and the whistles of marmots as we hiked up the basin. I felt lucky to be alive and in paradise.


  1. It's very scary that someone would be so unkind as to tamper with the trail - good thing you're so savvy out there in the wilderness and didn't fall for it. If I ever go on a real hike on a real trail (my little urban trails are nothing compared to your adventures), I think I might have to bring you along...

  2. Just plain stupid and ignorant people would do that. So glad you are such a smart human being.

    Your photos are just so awesome - almost hard to believe they are real. We wish our photos could be even a tenth as good as yours.

    Hope the pups are recovering well.

  3. I hadn't seen that scary story before, but I admire you and K for your pluck and determination!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  4. Always looking forward to your pawsome posts with inkredible pics!!


  5. I'm glad you didn't fall for the trail-tampering prank. Hopefully that's all it was -- a stupid prank. There are a lot of strange people out there.

  6. What amazing country. It's a good thing you know it so well or you might be still wandering thanks to that prankster...

  7. Dear Doggies

    I am so glad that your Mom carries a map and GPS so that you all don't get lost in the scary forest!

    Happy Friday

  8. Such a shame about the pancreatitis. Hope that it gets sorted soon. As for people doing strange things - that story beggars description.

  9. Thanks for your update. No mention of Dr.Laura's political incorrectness in the French press - she is purely and solely a US phenomenon ! Lots of talk about the Democrat candidate for the SC senate seat. Does that count?

  10. Why would someone make a fake trail? That could be really dangerous for someone who is not experienced!


  11. Hey there KB
    I'm sorry to hear that you are still waiting for results...hope all turns out well.
    You know - the benefit of taking such fabulous photographs is that you get to experience the moments over and over again. Your photos today are truly outstanding!
    Sending lotsaluv to you all.

  12. Oh goodie! Another black lab. Don't forget to get your entry in by Sunday, OK?


  13. I'm way behind with your posts, KB - busy time with Grands just starting school. Your photo of K on the CO Trail is wonderful. Yes, who would want to mislead a hiker? Doesn't make sense, does it? Lovely Columbine!


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