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Monday, April 4, 2011

The many scent post visitors

Winter swept back into our world yesterday. K and I rode in shallow snow this morning.
My ancient computer is so slow that I won't try to upload any more photos from our ride. It was beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing. Robins sang from the treetops despite the 12 degree air. It felt like an odd amalgam of winter and spring.

I'm still excited about yesterday's mountain lion photos. I wanted to give you some perspective on how big and muscular yesterday's mountain lion visitor was. Here he was:
In December, another mountain lion visited this site during daylight. That lion seemed less muscle-bound, and more lithe and graceful.
Bobcats are the most frequent visitors to this scent post. Here are a couple of photos for comparison to yesterday's lion.
Bobcats look mighty small compared to the mountain lions. However, they're feisty. I predict that a bobcat will visit this scent post sometime in the near future and mark over top of the mountain lion's scrape and scent mark.

Finally, here's a cow elk who recently investigated the scent post. She's much taller than the mountain lion. It's hard to believe that lions kill and eat elk but they do so regularly.


  1. Once again, thanks for sharing this special window to THEIR world!

    My word is QUILL

    Any porcupines around ;-) ?

  2. Here kitteh kitteh! Okays maybe not. I don't thinks I would want to haves a play date with dat kitteh...EVERS! But dang hows big it is.
    Hopes your back is feelin' all betters.


  3. I had a feeling that lion was bigger than usual. He's been doing well for himself over the winter, I'd say!

    We had 84 degrees yesterday, and then couldn't get out of the forties today! I just want the weather to pick one and stick with it!

    I can totally picture you training a dog to do tricks at ten years old!

  4. You said the other day the cow elks rarely leave the herd unless its to calve. They must be in real jeopardy at that time, being alone and quite helpless. Also the same for the new born calf.


  5. Beautiful K photo - even one is so worth seeing:) I knew that was a big cat. We had a very cold day here after our 90 degrees yesterday - wonder what all the fat robins think of all these ups and downs.

  6. The difference a day can make in regards to weather! Wow!
    I was having a problem telling the difference between a mountain lion and a bobcat, but now that I saw the pictures back to back I can defintley tell the difference!

  7. Wow, those mountain lions are AMAZING! The color picture makes me feel like I am looking her right in the eye - WOW!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. That mountain lion is impressive - no doubt about it!!!

  9. Puts a lot of things into perspective! Thanks.

  10. Great picture and very nice cougar. Looks like you'er on a roll. Been slow here with all the rain and fog...Keep-em-coming

  11. The contrast in the size of the two lions is amazing. Guess one must be a young adolescent ? Love the robins singing. The plate tectonics of the seasons.

  12. Unbelievable! What a monster lion! Just read through yesterday's post too - such a wondrous creature (creatures!) to be roaming near where you live... (Don't the dogs bark?) Thanks so much for sharing these terrific pix - it boggles the mind to see these animals in the wild and particularly to see the mountain lion without collar as you mention!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon, Oz and Mom

  13. yummy, looks like a tasty kitteh snack heheheheh

  14. I love that the latest lion is naked. Naked lions are the best lions :)

  15. Hi KB, It was minus 10 windchill here in Breck yesterday. Today, we skied Beaver Creek, and it was 50! I thought about bears as I skied down the trails.

  16. Cool daytime photos of the big cat!

  17. Hi Y'all,

    The spring weather seesaw is what God gave us to make us appreciate seasons. In a short span of time he lets us glimpse tomorrow, summer, and yesterday, winter.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  18. Jeepers,, that is still very cold at the top of your world.
    Today we had snow on our hills.
    That kitty is so beaufiful,, and free,
    Can you imagine living in their world? I can't

  19. That mountain lion looks like a beefcake!!!

  20. Robins should be deemed the harbingers of spring...always wait and listen for their cheerful chirps each spring. We used to have a robin that we feel was the same one every year for a number of years...yes we called it Robby and he seemed to know us... unfortunately a kitty did him in...sad day in Robin land!

  21. good gravy, snow in april?! just when thingies were startin' to get more springy, too!
    that mountain lion is H-O-G-E. i don't admit this often, but he is fillin' me with the nervosity! i wouldn't wanna bump into him out in the woods for sures.

    the booker man


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