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Friday, April 8, 2011

Springtime lifts the spirits

Robins warbled from the treetops as K and I headed into the forest this morning. A distinct chill permeated the air but the sun rapidly warmed us when we climbed out of the trees.
I can't help but notice our subtle signs of spring. Our main flowers at this early juncture are our Pasqueflowers and one seemed to shine brighter than the rest this morning.
My bike riding with K has been a huge spirit-lifter for these past two weeks. Her eyes make me smile.
My back has continued to be mind-numbingly painful. I had a "dry needle trigger point" procedure on Tuesday that helped a bit, and I'm having a repeat of it next week. In the meantime, my PT and I are worrying that a whole new section of my spine, the thoracic spine, is starting to degenerate. So, I'm going to see a specialist who can order MRIs and help guide me through this new phase.

Thank goodness that I can still move around, riding my bike and hiking with my dogs out in nature. Otherwise, I might succumb to the temptation to feel sorry for myself.

Today, I kept K's running time short to let her paw recover from yesterday's longish ride. After I rode with her, I headed out solo into a truly beautiful day. Look at that trail! I can't possibly feel forlorn when I can whoosh along a trail like this one in utter solitude.
During my ride, I passed a mini-herd of horses and burros. The black and white horse was reflecting on her beauty when I first spotted her.
But, an incredibly gregarious burro let me know that he wanted my attention by sticking his handsome face in front of the camera.
Soon, I had two horses and two burros lined up at the fence, all wanting their necks scratched. I scritched as well as a dog person can. Look at this beautiful horse!
Eventually, I bid my new hoofed friends adieu and headed for home.

I spent most of my afternoon lying on a heating pad, trying to keep the back spasms at bay. But, as the afternoon wound down, the Duo let me know that it was time for our sunset hike. As we set out, R ran like the wind with his signature teeth and long tongue leading the way!

And the sunset was sublime.


  1. That burro just cracks me up! You must have been laughing the whole time, and I'm betting you got one thorough insnifftigation when you got home!

    I'm sorry for the back spasms, but I always admire your view on life. :) Hopefully your back will settle down soon.

    What you said about K's recovery made a lot of sense. We were doing well in the beginning, but we were keeping things very short with Blue. Now we seem to have hit a plateau for her. I think we'll move past it, but I hadn't been expecting it. And you mean to tell me that police dogs don't wear pink?

  2. Your solitude ride,,, the sunset,,
    I can feel it as you share the photos.
    The one of the black and white horse,, oh my gosh! Magestic.
    We used to have donkeys,, they can really get in your face for a little love.
    Your back,,, oh we wish magic bubbles could help...
    maybe so.

  3. K's eyes make us smile as well. Such a joy of life is reflected! It pains us to hear of your spasms and back agony. We send powerful White Dog healng energy and positive thoughts that soon you will be once again able to enjoy the paradise in which you live without having to lie on a heating pad for hours after. Be well, all of you, and be at peace.

  4. I'm sure Mango recognises the crazy black Lab look ;-)

    Great shots from a great Springtime day!

    Sorry about the latest pains and all related to your spinal issues -

    I still don't know how you do it -

    You are such an inspiration!

  5. Here is to the specialist finding non-surgical ways to help you.

    And, R, we love your infectious grin. Maybe you and the burro are long lost cousins.

  6. Warblin robins. A great picture to greet us on a Saturday morning. We had the feeling that something wasn't quite right. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. I am sorry your back is bothering you again. I hope the spasms lessen. Here's another of my silly city dog questions - are those horses wild or do they belong to someone? Do the coyotes and lions ever hunt them?

    Your silly city pal, Pip (and his mom, too, who is also a silly city person)

  8. Our paws are crossed, too, KB.

  9. We are praying for you! We love that picture of R running with his tongue out!


  10. If you answer Mr. Pip's question about these horses and burro, please share it with me . . . I am another city slicker like Pip!

    Thinking of you and your aching back and hoping for a good result from your procedures!

    Stella (and Jo)

  11. Hi Y'all,

    Thanks for stoppin' for a visit.

    My hubby feels for your pain. He is in agony with his entire back, expecially where he had the surgery where it was broken in 5 places. He has finally succumbed to returning to the surgeon who performed the orginal orthoscopic procedure Balloon Kyphoplasty. (they cement your back together)

    Right now the pain is so wide spread that nothing gives relief. Massage, heat, cold, feet above head elevations, pain patches...nothing helps. Xrays show massive arthritis.

    I shall include you in my prayers as you both seek help to relieve your individual agonies.

    Thank God for the comfort of our dogs.

    BrownDog's Momma

    P.S. Yes, we are very lucky. Especially lucky to have brothers nearby at both locations.

  12. We must say we do think it would be OK for you to feel sorry for yourself - we sure do! We hope the heating pad, the MRIs, the doctors, and your spirit will bring some relief to you soon.

    The burro was just so funny - Phantom would have loved meeting him.

    We thought we were just starting spring here, but it is hot and very humid here, close to 90, and setting us up for some wild storms tomorrow.

    What we wouldn't give to see a sunset like that one!

  13. So sorry to hear your back pain has flared up. I hope that has eased by now.

    I loved your encounter with the equine critters. I'm not used to seeing them on your blog, but you see so many creatures on your adventures, it make sense they would be in the mix too.

    I hope your computer issues are cleared up too. Try to swing by and check out our revamped blog when you can.
    Happy weekend to you and your pack,

  14. i'm sorry your back is giving you more trouble as of late. i really hope your doctor and PT can help you keep the pain at bay.
    i have to admit that i'm incredibly jealous of your run in with the horses and the burros...beautiful animals, not to mention full of personality! heehee.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  15. What lovely neighbors you have there. I don't dare show these pics to T as she is head over heels in love with horses. I love that burros' furry face.

    I'm very sorry your back is becoming more painful. I'm hoping for good news from the MRI...

  16. Go R Go....that Pasque Flower is brillant...I would love to be that close to it. Those horses and burros are just roaming...imagine just blows my mind!

  17. I missed this post while I was catching up the other day. I'm so sorry to hear about your back. I will be thinking about you and hoping for good results from the MRI.



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