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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunrise and sunset

K and I were out in the forest for both sunrise and sunset. K and I mountain biked as the sun was rising, and we hiked as the sun was setting. I love being out in the wild as the world transitions between light and darkness, just as it is now transitioning from the wild green growth of summertime to the stark white and blue of the winter sleep.

As the sun set, K and I sat in its golden glow.
I shall never cease to be under the spell of K's beauty for it radiates from how much I love her.

My cells are still spinning from two full hours in a narrow tube for an extensive MRI. I won't even try to write anything more because it won't be coherent.


  1. Amazing photography.

    Mom asks if you were sedated during the MRI. She would have to be. But of course, she's a wimp!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  2. We surely do not envy you those two hours. Hopefully something positive will come from it.

    We are at a loss for words to describe the amazing beauty of your photos. And of course, K is a true beauty!!!

  3. Our clinic, affiliated with the hospital, did a big make-over and I am hoping they acquired one of those MRIs you see on TV, big enough to throw a party in! Sorry yours is so small. I hope you have a good outcome from spending that much time in it. Let us know how you are!

    Beautiful pup and pix!


    Jo and Stella

  4. So here is my feelings on the subject. When a human has to go through such agony, like two hours in a big tube, having them stick needles in you and tell you not to move ect. ect....

    It is most wonderful to know that those beautiful gold touched brown eyes belonging to the spirit of such a wonderful fourlegged friend are waiting patiently for you to get home....well, it must be some.

    I think it must make it all better at least for a while. Get some rest and we will hope for good news....or at least news that gives you hope of pain relief.


  5. Isn't it amazing to watch the sun set?

    Stop on by for a visit!

  6. I didn't realize today was your MRI day. I hope you get good news from this one!

    K is absolutely gorgeous because we all get to see her through your eyes! :)

  7. Two hours! Hope they at least pipe in a good book on tape or a nice opera to help you pass the time. Mama would also probably have to be knocked out; she gets that closet-phobia thingie. Hope the results of the MRI are useful for making choices.

    Jed & Abby

  8. Oh KB, thanks for the beauty today. We needed it. And thanks for your kind words last night. They were of great comfort. I hope that during your MRI you could visualize one of your many bike rides with K to make those two hours pass quickly. Fingers and paws crossed.

  9. Sending you White Dog positive thoughts and strong energy that the 2 hours will payoff with a clear plan on how to manage everything effectively. Be well in spirit as well as body. BTW, your love of the pups and where you call home just dances off of every photo you post! It is revitalizing.

  10. All our feets are crossed and sending positive vibes for you Benny & Lily

  11. Hi Y'all,

    Caught up on your blog. Love the pics of the Duo and K in the sunshine. I love the spring with all it promises and the fall with all the memories it evokes. Winter, I could fill a page of dislikes about winter.

    Autumn is truly a beautiful time with its magical days. Your aspen grove is still beautiful.

    Hope your MRI results are good news!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Good luck with the results of the MRI!

    Take care,


  13. Hi there! I can't remember who told me about your blog - but someone must have, since I have a chocolate as well. Your labs are georgous - esp K. Your photos are really beautiful, isn't fall light the best???? Our almost 3 year old is named Indy (our 2nd chocolate) and I honestly love reading dog blogs. I have so many in my google reader now, it's crazy! Just wanted to say hi and I will be subscribing to your site for sure.

    Greetings from the Taylors in Baltimore Maryland!


  14. So much sympathy for the MRI time. They freak me out. I'd have to concentrate of good memories (like dog memories) :) to get through it.

    Best wishes to you and yours!

  15. Gorgeous photos as always. We hope you're doing well, despite the MRI, and that all news will be good!

  16. The thought of the MRI tube makes me anxious and nervous!!!!! Hope all is okay!

  17. Gorgeous shots that don't belong on the same page with MRI... I hope you are feeling better now, and I hope the news isn't bad. You are in my prayers.

  18. Like I said, "The most beautiful eyes!!" You should consider entering a photo in our Autumn contest. With your beautiful dogs and scenery, WOW!!


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