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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Wet Summer

Thanks for all of the suggestions and encouragement during my time of computer chaos. I think that I have a blogging system that will work until I have my own computer in my hands!

This is one of the wettest summers in out area that I can remember. We often have clouds and moisture even first thing in the morning.
One plus side is that we mountain folks are not on edge about wildfires. The past few years have been incredibly stressful in that regard. Last summer at this time, everyone in our neighborhood listened to scanners so they'd know early if a fire broke out. Indeed, I found lightning-triggered wildfires that were just starting twice in the past two summers.

Shyla and I have been out every morning together recently. It had rained on and off since yesterday afternoon so we both got soaked from the wet tall grass and bushes during our mountain bike ride this morning. The only advantage to getting so soaked is the lack of fire danger!
The next photo was at the very end of our ride this morning. I was freezing cold from being soaked but Shyla loves this type of weather. It makes her fly!
Another plus to all this rain is that most of the plant-eating animals are doing really well. My trail cameras have seen lots of activity. I recently captured a photo of a worried looking fawn with her mom.
The fawn had good reason to be worried. A sow with a cub had been in this spot the previous day and then again the day after this. Black bears do prey on fawns but I suspect that this one is too big and agile for a bear to take it down.
I'll share more of the footage of this mother bear and her cub in an upcoming post!


  1. Glad for all the wetness. It is a good thing. And what an incredible photo of Shyla.

  2. All the animals look soaked. But the scenery is lush and green. Good for all around.

  3. Our summer has been much cooler than usual so that has been great! There have been plenty of 90's days as well, but they keep falling during the work week when I am stuck indoors anyway. The pretty, low humidity days have come on Sat/Sun, how great is that?

    I envy you your life surrounded by nature, but even here just 30 minutes outside DC, I get to see little speckled fawns run past my house! There's a momma deer with very new twins staying nearby. Her babies were bucking and playing right behind my house :-)

  4. great trail camera shots, but i love wet shyla in flygirl mode!

  5. I am looking forward to more bear pictures!

  6. Lookie at you FLY Shyla!! WoooHooo!
    Those are some great shots
    I just LOVE the trail cameras!! They catch so many forrest furries!!!
    Ma is in loves with them all!!
    Ruby ♥

  7. I love her flying picture! I have problems taking motion pictures when the subject is coming towards me or leaving. I can do great photos from the side. Still working on it!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. We, too, are experiencing morning rains and even late/all night pouring spells. Have set records for amounts on specific days. glad that the fire risk is reduced and grateful for any moisture that lessens the effects of the continuing drought. But being wet is not fun...even if Shyla glistens like a bejeweled angel.

  9. The momma doe and her fawn are so pretty! Oh we love the spots!
    And that black bear is really black!
    Were glad no fires for you---we have fires here- but none close.
    You are getting our rain,, and we have hot and dry!!!
    Shyla is so pretty doing her flying!

  10. We think the deer would be nervous--smellin' a bear!

    Hope that wet weather doesn't bring out mozzies. Yuck.

  11. We love wetness. Unfortunately ours is supposed to start petering out.

  12. Howdy Mates. Oh glorious photos again. We love them. Summer rain is always wonderful. Have a good weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. We love that picture of you flyin', Shyla!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  14. It's good to hear that you aren't worried about fires this year. That photo of Shyla in mid-leap is great, she really does fly.

  15. Love the little fawn. Great photos of Shyla too. Horray for no wildfires.

  16. Glad the computer issue is almost solved. Nothing more frustrating. We need the rain here bad. But glad you don't have to worry so much about those fires
    Lily & Edward

  17. That fawn is sure a cutie! Have a fun weekend and keep somewhat dry!

  18. I know I've said this a bunch, but I love your photos!! :D

    We live on the side of a mountain currently, too.. In California and we are always worried about fire risk! I'm glad your mountain isn't at risk right now! Last year we had a fire and came pretty close to being evacuated.

  19. Shyla is flying! What a great photo of her. Sage is much more comfortable in cooler weather too. Hopefully all the rain doesn't create more fuel for drier times.

  20. Great photos! Love Shyla in flight :)

  21. These photos are awesome! Xo Chloe and LadyBug

  22. Beautiful Pictures of the roes and the bear. I Think the fawn is to big now too for the bear.


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