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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wildlife on Sunday

Our wildlife are now into their mid-summer patterns, which means that I can see them almost anywhere. Shyla usually gives me the first hint that an animal has been someplace unexpected. She was definitely focused on something besides me for a while on our morning mountain bike ride. I kept an eagle eye on her for a while to make sure that she stayed nearby, and I never knew what caught her attention.
So, I visited some trail cameras after my ride with Shyla, and I discovered that a yearling cub is feeling his/her oats. I don't think that we've seen this bear in photos before.

The yearling arrived at a mangled bear marking tree and sniffed it.
Then, the little bear decided to try his back-rubbing moves. The white mark on the bear's chest plus the almost uniformly black fur differ from the other yearling we've seen on multiple occasions.
Just like the big bears, this yearling used a paw to grab the tree up behind his head, pulling it into his head for better marking.
Next, he started his shimmy moves, as he moved his back up and down in the tree trunk.

Finally, the yearling departed. Because the trail camera was pretty far from the tree, I am not certain whether this yearling was a male or female. Females stay near where they were born for their whole lives while males disperse and tend to move long distances each summer.
Just to give you perspective, here are photos of a big male (Milton Jr.) marking that same tree earlier this summer.
Milton Jr. was taller than the tree.
One piece of great news for the bears is that the Buffalo Berries are finally emerging. They usually appear in early July so they're about 3 weeks late. We have lots of Buffalo Berry bushes nearby. We know where these berry bushes are the densest, and we stay away for a few weeks each summer to let the bears forage in peace.
Last, but not least, the same trail camera has shown a bobcat carrying prey past it on multiple occasions over the past few weeks. In this photo, I believe she's carrying part of a rabbit. Repeatedly carrying prey in one direction usually means that a bobcat has kitten(s) stashed in a den. Like past years, we might get to see the kittens' maiden journeys with their mom!

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!


  1. that little bear is pretty cute. :) good luck, mama bobcat!

  2. High five to you sweet Shyla. I love the photo of the bear with it's tongue out.

  3. Love the bear photographs. That little tree has certainly taken a beating. They might have to find another one before long.

  4. Bye, that is one great wave. and the trail cam photos, bears so shiny, and a bobcat, I do hope we get to see the kittens. Cheers,Jean.

  5. I envy you for all those gorgeous trees! :)

  6. It kind of looks like that little bear is scratching his back! What a cute little guy! I am so glad that your dogs are trained so well. It must be a little frightening living with the wild animals so close to where you bike and run!

  7. Awsome Pictures of the yearling. yes Milton is big compared to this one. Hope you will see the yearling again and what it is so you can give a name.

  8. High five right back atcha, Shyla! We just adore this photo ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. The bear photos are super cool! Howdy Shyla!

  10. Love the photos of the bears - and the comparison. Similar markings on the two. Hope you get to capture the bobcat kittens!

  11. Oh how neat! Those photos are amazingly clear - I'm thinking some of my parks need to upgrade their gear!

    Monty and Harlow

  12. Love the bear! I always thought they stayed with the mom longer than a year.

  13. I like that shimmy! And I'm so glad the forage availability is picking up.

  14. Love the wave! That's my favorite trick of all time!

    Gosh, bears. I know they mostly stay away from humans, but there are always those cases where they don't and that is what would worry me. I remember when I hiked in the woods up north here last year with Blueberry I made a whole lot of noise on the trail because it was bear season and since B and I were the only ones on the trail - and I foolishly had snacks in my pack. It's a normally busy trail with camp sites that are usually full on the weekends so the bears know humans can carry some pretty tasty things. I'm guessing your bears are a more cautious.

  15. Love the last photo of Shyla. I still have not seen signs of bear here, but this AM a moose sauntered across the back of our property. I think it was the daughter that was following Mama last year. She's grown quite a bit!

  16. Hi Y'all!

    Love the bear trail cam photos...but Shyla's wave at the end of the post is the best!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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