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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Still Waiting...

R had his blood tests this morning but we don't have results yet. He seems less sleepy today so I am hopeful that the results will be good.

I visited the local emergency vet today to pick up R's leash, that got left behind during the crisis. The receptionist told me that she thought that R was at death's door when the technicians carried him out to the ambulance. She was astounded to hear how well he's doing now.

The wild mushrooms, a likely culprit, are going crazy near us. They are growing bigger than I've ever seen before. This is an upside down mushroom next to my foot for scale.
Today I saw an even bigger one but thunderclaps prevented me from stopping to take a photo. For now, R is wearing a muzzle whenever he's outdoors to prevent him from ingesting anything dangerous. He hates it but we don't feel that we have a choice. Excess rain is still fueling the mushroom growth so there's no end in sight.

This was the Divide before the storms hit this morning.
I didn't write about Shyla's astoundingly relaxed behavior throughout R's whole crisis. Because we didn't know how long we'd be away from home, we took her everywhere with us.

She easily handled many situations that would have scared her halfway to death a year go. She wanted to make friends with every single person we met. She handled going "into the back" in the first emergency vet place, despite all sorts of looming equipment, lots of people, her brother being deathly ill, and me quietly crying.

Then, after R was transferred to Colorado State, things got even weirder. We were in a huge empty lobby, except for the cleaning crews. They had vacuums, mops, and even a "zamboni" machine for cleaning the huge tile floor. None of it scared Shyla. To our surprise, she wagged and tried to make eye contact with everyone, even the people using scary equipment.

I'm starting to think that I should call her a "formerly fearful" dog or a "sensitive" dog. Visible fear is a rarity in her now.
Indeed, the morning after the crisis, we met a friend on the trails. He's a big guy who rides a mountain bike. He straddled his bike as he chatted with me. Although she's seen him many times in the past, Shyla never had the courage to approach him before that morning. On that morning, she sidled up behind him and nuzzled his hand as we chatted. It took her three years to find the courage to do that - but she did it!!!!

At the beginning, I honestly never thought that Shyla would gain as much confidence as she has now. I've learned an important lesson about resilience!

I'll keep you updated on R. I wish we had those blood test results. R has just a little bit of GI distress, which makes me worry about his liver. The phone is next to me, and I am willing it to ring!


  1. We hope that phone rings soon with the right person on the other end with the best of news!!! Hooray for Shyla - and for you - you two make a great team.

  2. Poor R.. I really hope his blood work comes back okay. That's awesome that Shyla was so chill will all of the scary activities! Yeah, I might be tempted to start calling her sensitive and just keep in mind that you may occasionally see fearful behavior, but you know what to do so you're good. What an awesome girl!

  3. I'm sorry poor R has to wear a muzzle. I bought the one you suggested for Bert but I have yet to make him wear it. But then, I have yet to take him out without constant supervision either. Im sure when he is given the choice (a week or two from now) he will choose the muzzle, just so he can get out. All of that to say, that I am sure R would rather go with you wearing a muzzle than not go with you.

  4. Fingers and paws crossed here. We're still sending positive thoughts for R and all of you.

  5. Continued good vibes being sent for your boy and we're crossing all fingers and paws here for good news! Like so many, I'm grateful that he's doing so well!

    And I like "sensitive" being used for Shyla, because it's what I've used for a couple of my girls too, and it described them perfectly!

  6. Crikey ..... those mushrooms are humungous AND they don't look very appetising. R thinks otherwise obviously. Better a muzzle than not going out, aye?? So good to hear he is feeling a bit better and how about Shyla .... what a brave girl. Such a turnaround!!

  7. I'll bet Shyla senses your own fears and sadness and just rised to the occasion to try to help. She's a fantastic dog. Whenever Juno sees other dogs in the vet waiting room, sometimes in a wheelchair, she cries in sympathy. It's so odd. Dogs really are more sensative then we can imagine.

  8. the waiting is so hard, we are praying for good news. That photo of Shyla says it all - what a wonderful beautiful girl she is, because of your faith in her.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  9. Wowsa! That is one HUGE mushroom! yikes! I guess that is ONE good thing abouts a mushrooms! Anyhu, I gots my paws crossed real tight for R...sounds like he is doin' great..sendin' POTP his way to make a FULL recovery!
    Shyla, rock!! Way to go! You did better than me! I would have barked at every dog in the rooms! I thinks you don't even need an adjective before you name, except...lovely.
    Ruby ♥

  10. Were hoping for good results for R's lab work too,, and that he gets to feeling better!

  11. So glad to hear R is home and doing OK. Here's to getting good results back. I can't believe the size of those mushrooms. Scary!

    What wonderful news about Shyla! She has certainly come a long way with a lot of help, love and understanding from you.

    24 Paws crossed.

  12. That's great about Shyla! The muzzle for R is sad, but hopefully he will be well again. I hope you hear good news soon.

  13. We are crossing all our paws and hooves for R to have good results.

    Three cheers for Shyla! Brave girl!

  14. I had to think of Abba's song" Ring,ring, why don't you give me a call?" Let it be good news, and R well on to total recovery. Waiting is the very worst, apart from last Friday. Hang in there, hope the stress migraines have gone for now.

  15. p.s.I forgot to say I am so thrilled as to how Shyla coped with stress, tears, scary stuff, people, noisy machines, and all else. She is a trooper well and truly.

  16. Well done, Shyla. You're discovering that the world is a safe place...for most of us.

    Good news about R....hope it was the mushroom, so he won't find anything else to sample.

  17. Happy tears are slipping down mom's cheeks for you, Shyla. You have come so far and we are SOOOO happy for you. The positive and healing thoughts continue to head R's way ♥

  18. Hari OM
    Keeping it all crossed this side.... what a perfect time for Shyla to shine... YAM xx

  19. I hope you will get good news and all the poisonous things are removed. big hugs to R, we cross our paws for a happy end of such a horrible adventure...
    easy rider

  20. All the paws at our house are crossed for good test results. And sending a special BIG hug to your Super Girl!

  21. Holy cow, that mushroom is crazy big. I hope you get answers soon. And horray for Shyla. I think she knew that she had to be strong for you.

  22. I've been meaning to come visit properly, but hearing about the medical crisis means I just had to stop by now. So glad to hear R is doing okay for now. Here's hoping the GI symptoms are just due to the stress of the whole ordeal - who could blame him! I hope you can put the phone aside to get some rest too - you won't miss it ringing, really!

    And wow, how amazing was Shyla! You must feel really proud of your achievements together, KB.

  23. Dang, that waiting is sure difficult. We are so very proud of Shyla.

  24. I would use the muzzle too, and I know both of mine would hate it, but safety first.

    It is amazing to see your hard work with Shyla pay off. Proud of her for finding her courage and keeping her cool in a crisis.

  25. Fingers and toes crossed for good bloodwork results!

  26. We hope you get a good report. Frankly we thought R was a goner after seeing how quickly our furend Greta was affected by a mushroom. She didn't even swallow it and was taken to the dogtur within 15 minutes. We were so happy to hear R beat that bad poison. And Shyla might have to change her name to Sociala!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  27. OUR mom is very watchful now also with mushrooms popping up in our yard because we have had so much rain, those big mushrooms grow wild in the fields here in Iowa and are poisonous and called puffballs.....we are proud of shayla she knew her momma needed her to be a big girl, we hope you get real good news soon.
    stella rose

  28. I'm SO proud of how far Shyla's come! I knew she had it in her!! We're still keeping our paws crossed tight for R.

  29. Hi, I'm lifting you all up and especially R, that is was just the meds & I.V. that is causing the distress. I've noticed that Hunter is getting a bit more secure with situations too and watching me for instructions. Amazing, isn't it. I'm so happy that Shyla was meant to come home to you and the runner and R.
    Sending hugs your way.
    p.s. when our oldest daughter was 1.5 yrs old, she ingested a mushroom and I had to give her sryup of Epipack-it was so awful.


  30. OMG! I so need to hear this! Macy seems do uncomfortable out and about... Been praying for R but had to ask Rottrover for and update as I was fearing the worst. So grateful for his recovery!


  31. OMG! I so need to hear this! Macy seems do uncomfortable out and about... Been praying for R but had to ask Rottrover for and update as I was fearing the worst. So grateful for his recovery!


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