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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sunset Saturday

The skies lit up at sunset the other evening.
As dusk approached, the oranges shifted toward pinks.
I love Rocky Mountain sunsets!


  1. I did too. And sunrises! Watching the sun light up the eastern slope. Glorious!
    Here I see both sunrise and sunset framed with the lacy branches and crowns of many trees...beautiful in its own way.

    (Sending a kiss on the snoot to R!)

  2. We're just looking out at our spectacular sunrise.....

  3. Beautiful! We rarely get such brilliant colors this close to sea level.

  4. Incredible!!! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves and doing well.

  5. Once again, fire in the sky! xxx to R!

  6. Beautiful, nothing to see from our motel room, concrete walls, and a cold wind and some rain. Drive down was OK, so far,so good.You have the most amazing views with those glorious sunsets. XXX

  7. Just beautiful.

    Okay KB, I got behind on visiting and felt like I was so behind so I stopped commenting, but I'm going to keep at it and keep it up!
    Some time ago I went back and read your very early entries and it was very interesting, I felt like I learnt a lot and more about you as a person. It was too ambitious to think I'd make it all up to when I started following your blog a couple years ago, but one day I will finish the ones in the middle, because I enjoy the glimpse of your world! :)
    Oh, and I've started up Melon's Animal Adventures again, in case you are curious :)

  8. We do get some good ones in the west don't we!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. We had a sunset like this a couple nights ago. I was in bed reading and couldn't make myself get up and go outside with my camera. I did put the kindle down and just watch though. Glad I have your wonderful shots to admire.

  10. We think those Rocky Mountain sunsets are spectacular!

  11. These are stunning. Spectacular.


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