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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Smile-Worthy Wonders of the World

Part of why I try to immerse myself in nature so much is the chronic pain I've had for a very long time now. It started when I was a teenager, and I thought it was normal for my neck to hurt and to send shooting pains down my arms. That was the start of a long saga of spine pain that continues today.

I've had a tough time finding an upbeat feeling for this post today because my evil sciatic nerve won't stop torturing me. 

However, I looked at a few photos, and I knew I had a post! On our second day in the land of golden aspens, I rode my bike into the groves by myself so I could take as many photos as I wanted. I looked at this photo today, and I smiled. Wow - we live in an incredible world!
Then, I remembered how funny Shyla was during our playtime high in the mountains. She used to be afraid when I got down low to photograph her as she ran toward me. Now, she runs almost directly into my lens, not slowing very much at all! That resulted in this funny photo. It made me smile too!
Last, but not least, I love seeing the stars from the darkness of the wilderness. They extend further than my mind can imagine, sparkling with light and with wonder.

I didn't even know that the stars made circles around the North Star due to the Earth's rotation until I started taking photos of the stars. Photography has taught me to notice and appreciate so much more about our world.
So, those are my three "smile" photos for the day. I hope that they made you smile too!


  1. Oh yes, they did!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. My oh my, such beautiful smile makers!

  3. Yes they did. Bless you for seeing beauty through the pain and sharing it

  4. Hari OM
    ....middle one's the best of course.... &*> YAMxx

  5. I'm sorry about your chronic pain! I hope you feel better soon! Those photos are beautiful! I love the one of Shyla!

  6. Oh yes indeed, they do make us smile, especially Shyla:) Hope you can find some relief from your pain.

  7. I'm definitely smiling here. And renewing my vow to one day see the fall Aspens in full color.

  8. We are smiling here. Those are all great pictures.

  9. Speedy Shyla and her big smile is wonderful, the stars blow me away every single time I see them and the golden aspen against the blue sky is just excellent!

    In your pain, you give us all so much pleasure with your photos and pups. Praying for a cure for you!


  10. Thankyou, KB! It's nice to see things to smile about because smiles have been scarce on this side too. I hope when I feel better I can share some smile-worthy photos to spread the smiles too!

  11. MAJOR SMILES going on here, KB !!

    Golden Beauty / Goofy Beauty / Universal Beauty

    Many thankS

    PS: I won't complain about my aching butt any more!!


  12. Big smiles here!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Your 3 photos made me smile, too! I love your night photography. Enjoy our CO fall, KB. I wish for a reprieve from your spinal pain.

  14. Your photos made me smile too! I love the silly face on Shyla. I congratulate you on your stamina as you deal with chronic pain and hope you someday find some relief.

  15. I am sorry your sciatic pain is so relentless. I have experienced it myself, but not in an endless manner, but enough to know a teeny-tiny bit of what you are living with. Your ability to remain positive through this type of pain is an inspiration to me! When I've had a particularly painful day, I remind myself that you are out there riding a mountain bike through much worse, and it gets me moving! Fortunately the symptoms that have been bothering me for the last 6 months have been fading away. Interestingly, it started to improve when I was no longer sitting at a desk 8 hours a day........

  16. Made us smile. So sorry that pain must be your normal.

  17. I am very sorry about the sciatic pain - like a toothache in your leg, isn't it? I hope it has gone away by now.
    One thing I really enjoy about your night sky exposures is the colors - I mean when you think about it, the trails could be all one color, or grey, or white, couldn't they? Those wonderful pastel shades are like another marvelous gift, I think. Thanks for sharing them! :)

  18. We learn so much from you KB!!
    We hope your pain gets better soon!

  19. You certainly have us smiling☺ Beautiful photos, KB!

  20. shyla makes everyone smile. such a sweet, goofy girl. :) love the golden aspens!!


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