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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Recently, our Angel K would have turned 12 years old. That's not an especially old age for a Lab. Little did we know when she was a tiny puppy that her star would burn so brightly but for such a short time.
We did know, right from the beginning, that one look from her eyes would melt us.
When she first arrived, one of our first dogs, Astro, was almost 16 years old and loved her despite her crazy puppy antics.

As she grew up, her eyes became more brilliant. She's an almost one year old dog in this photo.
We lost K's brother Astro within about six months of her arrival. Our pack rapidly changed. We adopted, S, a yellow Lab, when he was about 10 years old. We had a wonderful 4 years with him. He's on the left in the photo below.

And, while S was still with us, the black puppy who you all know arrived. You can tell in the portrait below that he was going to be a wild and wonderful dog!
I still feel like my heart has been ripped out when I really let myself think about losing K so young. I loved her like crazy, and I still love her.

But every ending is a new beginning... and I've learned to live a happy life despite K's physical absence. Sometimes I feel as if Shyla has a little bit of K's soul in her.


  1. We were blessed to have our dear Phantom for 16+ years, but he is still missed. We lost Thunder when he was just barely 7 - and THAT hurt so badly. But time heals the hurt but the feeling of loss never goes away We so enjoyed this Throwback post - it is easy to see why all of your pups stole your heart.


  2. Thank you for sharing sweet photos of S, R, and K.
    We love our pups so much they really are a big part of our family.
    I can see why it hurts so much when they are gone.
    xo Cinnamon

  3. So beautiful. I'm sorry she died young. I still feel that way about Kasey.

  4. I love that you adopted S at 10 years old. I never knew that. In that picture of the three of them K looks so wise... R does NOT look like a cracker dog...yet :-). I've only just begun to process Bart's death. While he was old enough, we had such a special bond. Gizmo? 6? That would require a year's worth of blog posts.

    I love the history of your pack!!

  5. A beautiful family, and whatever age, missed so very much when they leave. Those eyes, sitting together as one, true love from them to you and in return.

  6. I feel much the same way about Ellie. She was so healthy and vibrant and then gone far too soon. Love your photographs of little K.

  7. When we look at your blog roll on the side bar, and it shows the faces of all the labs that lived alongside you,, in your heart,, and left pawtracks on your heart.,,, we see love in each of their eyes.
    You and R gave each of them an incredible life of fun and love,,, and there is nothing more than that to give. And yes,, you still feel the pain,,, We agree that Shyla has a lot of K in her,,, no doubt.
    After all, she is the daughter of the mountains- that very mountain where K was with you so much !

  8. There is never enough time with a dog. But it is especially painful when they go at a young age. We have lost pack members at a young age and you can't help feeling cheated. Sending love and hugs.

  9. You're right! Them there eyes! I wouldn't stand a chance against them eyes!

  10. I have tears in my eyes. My heart goes out to you.

  11. Sigh. These special days can be so hard. I'm so glad you still honor them <3 I love the picture of K and R and S :) and of K as a puppy of course. Oh those eyes! <3 sending a hug!

  12. A beautiful trio. All the pups leave behind some of their personalities--as well as wonderful memories.

  13. You have had and still have the most incredible pups. Huge hugs to you, KB♥

  14. thanks for walking with me on your memory lane... they all are still there in our heart and in our memory...

  15. These are lovely family portraits, and it's very kind of you to share them. The baby pictures of K are so precious! I've never had a pup so young and little...with Irish Wolfhounds, the "take home" age was 16 weeks, so already quite a gangly coltish animal.And my adopted dogs have been youngsters, but not babies.
    Piper was estimated to be 7 months old when I found her, and she had already lived a lifetime of difficult experiences. When she landed here, she seems to have made a decision to "re-do" puppyhood, and has been a Perpetual Pup ever since. People can't believe it when I tell them how old she is. I can't believe it myself, and occasionally have to look it up in her vet record!

  16. What wonderful photo memories of your beautiful dogs. they are never with us long enough but when they have had a good long life you can use that for comfort. When you lose one before their time it breaks your heart in pieces. So glad you have Shyla
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  17. Oh my goodness. We understand how much you miss K
    Lily & Edward

  18. We first started blogging about the time that you lost your K. I will always remember the "over the rainbow" video you did...we cried a lot that day. You are a good mom!
    stella rose

  19. Those were terrific photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  20. OMD, Ma almost lost it at those adorable pics!!! Wows, what a great pack of doggies you have had in your loving home!!! I'm so glads you shared their stories, I didn't know most of them!
    Ruby ♥

  21. We never have long enough with them, no matter how long a time it is. But no matter how short a time they're with us, they always leave a permanent mark on our hearts.

    -Casey's Momma

  22. I have never had dogs myself, but this post helped me understand the joy K must have brought and the loss you feel now that she's gone.

  23. After reading all the above comments, there isn't anything I can add-except that each beloved dog leaves a gaping hole in our heart when they depart and we carry them with us forever. I do believe Shyla has a lot of the others in her.
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Hugs, Noreen


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