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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Darkness and Light

We saw the sunrise this morning. After a series of gray days, it was a wonderful sight.
I make seeing the sunrise a goal because it helps me keep everything in perspective. I remember that pain almost always passes, and life is too precious to fritter away worrying.

Dogs know this naturally. We humans have to learn it.

Shyla's and my morning outings have become very cold. This morning was 18°F!
Cold adaptation hasn't been too hard this year because the temperatures have gradually fallen over the past week. Some years, it feels as if the world zooms from autumn to winter all in one day.
Another thing that I love about seeing sunrise is the interplay between darkness and light in the forest as the sun's light first reaches it. The depths of the forest remain inky black after some rays of sunlight have brightened the edges of the forest. This interplay reminds me of life and the battle between light and darkness that we all wage.

After playing in the snowy world this morning, Shyla was happy to have breakfast and a snooze, together with her octopus.
I, too, am incredibly tired. It feels as if my spine pain has sapped every iota of my energy. On the good news end of the spectrum, I've had a couple of days this week when the spine pain was slightly less intense than it has been over the past month. That gives me hope and reminds of how sweet life will be when this pain is gone.


  1. My goodness, you sure can run like the wind pretty Shyla! We hope the next beautiful sunrise leaves the pain behind.

  2. So right about dogs not wasting time worrying. So much harder for us humans!! I hope you have some relief from your spine pain soon!!

  3. What beautiful golden moments. I need to get out to Colorado and visit my daughter soon. It's probably too late in the year but we love our hikes with the Great Pyrenees.

    Lb and Abby Lab

  4. Your so right about worry,, If only we could break away from it,, and enjoy the moments we do have..
    Wise words KB
    Were glad you had a day with less pain,,, at least for awhile..
    The photos of Shyla in the snow,, and the glow from the sun are so beautiful. She is such a happy girl.

  5. We had a real flight into autimn this week: it went from 90 to 65 in one day!! It's finally fall in Los Angeles. And like your woods, the light becomes magical - very gold, warm with long shadows. I'm in heaven!

  6. Shyla is so cute with that octopus! I love your sunrise photos, too! I hope you feel better soon! <3

  7. Dogs do have a way of reminding us about life and what's important and what shouldn't be.

    I'm glad you're able to enjoy the day, and am sending good vibes for you to find comfort and more moments of no pain. Take care!!

  8. Beautiful light and shadows. Here's hoping there are more days with less intense pain.

  9. That first photo is magnificent! Hope for more good days than bad!

    Your Pals,

  10. We had a beautiful autumn day here today too. It was most welcome after a few gloomy ones!

    You amaze me with how you deal with the pain. I have my old age pain that worsens with the fall to winter weather.And much more seriously, I wonder if that has brought on this last hard pain for you. Whatever brings it on, I hope it will ease a lot for you soon.


  11. Gorgeous pictures as usual. I sure hope the pain gets better.

  12. Beautiful light to play in! I hope you have a lovely day! :)

  13. So glad you had a less pain days. Hope this means the pain will leave soon.

  14. You look so cute with your octopus on your head, Shyla☺ We hope your pain eases for you, KB.

  15. Wow, that IS cold! It's in the low 30s here at night, but we are still having some warm days - even in the high 50s! - off and on. It's fluctuating, so the cooler days feel much colder to me than they really are. And the moment the sun drops toward the horizon, the temperature seems to plummet as well.But it's so pretty! I am loving the light these days, as I always do in Autumn. And I'm trying to take a leaf from your book and get out in the woods with Piper each day, if only for 20 minutes. (It's a small leaf, but I'm sure Piper enjoys it!)

  16. She is so cute with her purple octopus <3 We hope you feel better soon! xo


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