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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Black & White Sunday

I think about 4 feet of snow has fallen, and the snowfall is light now. Needless to say, Shyla was in over her head on our snowshoe hike this morning. She literally disappeared under the snow at the lowest part of her gallop. And I was as slow as molasses. It took 40 min to go 0.4 miles!

Snowshoeing made my back ache so I took the fatbike out for a tour of nearby plowed roads to loosen it up. I love my Meriwether!
R is doing as well as we could expect. He's still whining almost all the time - and we're not sure why. Perhaps it's confusion from the strong narcotic pain medicine being delivered via a patch on his skin. Despite that, we sure are glad to have him home! If the whining doesn't calm down soon, we'll try giving him more sedative so he can sleep.

It's a sleepy snowbound day in Colorado!


  1. Glad you're getting out and about - though snowshoes can be a mixed blessing in deep snow, I know! Working in the woods - and coming out, so maybe I was tired - I recall once stumbling forward to my knees, with both snowshoes pointing straight down and me up to my chest in snow. There was just a moment when I thought I might be in a little trouble!

    Poor must all be so disconcerting for him. I hope the medication is doing its job, and that he'll be able to sleep soon. Is Shyla allowed to keep him company? I would think her close presence would be very comforting and reassuring even on a semi-doped-up level of consciousness.

  2. I hope R is feeling better soon! That has to be stressful for all involved.

  3. Wow! That is so much snow! My goodness!

    I hope R feels better soon! I said this on facebook but sometimes the drugs make them whine. They feel sort of loopy and don't know what else to do. It can be weird. The same thing happened to my friend's dog when he went through an fho surgery.

  4. Man that is a lot of snow...especially for the middle of April! I wonder how long it will take to melt? Yes it is the patch that is making him whine like that. Hopefully soon that will come off and you can get him on Tramadol for pain control

  5. Shyal looks happy with all that snow!!! Poor R - and poor you. We hope his comfort level improves soon.

  6. so much snow, and it is so beautiful! m
    Maybe a different kind of pain med for R,, would help him relax a little.

  7. I love love love your photographs but that one of Shyla at the top? My most favorite ever.

  8. I LOVE that picture of Shyla! R, our paws are crossed for you, buddy...

    Lisa and Otto

  9. One of our Springers whined like that after an ACL repair. It made us feel just awful but the orthopedist assured us it was normal, likely due to the pain medication and would stop after a few days. My main worry was that she wouldn't eat much of anything for several days. I practically hand fed her bananas or rice with some chicken in it. I'm sure R's surgery was far more extensive than an ACL repair. But I do know how disconcerting it is to have your dog whining.

    That's a lot of snow over a short period of time. Hope it clears soon. At least it will help the meadow flowers.

    Still sending positive vibes from here.

  10. As I said yesterday, that really is some "crazy" snow!!

    I do hope R is feeling better - I would agree, that the whining could be from the pain, and just not being able to do what he wants. Hope he feels better soon, and settles into his "new temporary routine."

  11. I hope the pain soon subsides, and you can relax a little more. Huge snow, so glad you are all home together.

  12. What a crazy amount of snow. Hope R is resting better now, that has to be hard to hear him whining and not much you can do. Each day is one day closer to recovery
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. wow... so much snow in april... wonder what you will get in may :o) hugs to R and POTP and weim-power. we hope for a super recovery without problems :o)

  14. I thought the foot we got about a week ago was too much! Poor R, we hope he is more comfortable soon.

  15. Sending lots of good vibes, love and support to R. Hope he is feeling more comfortable soon. And gosh, that's a lot of snow!

  16. Poor R - I'm sure he is uncomfortable and confused. Thankfully he has you and the Runner and Shyla to keep him company. Hoping he can get some rest (and rest for all of you too) - be careful in the snow!!!!

  17. Such a cute pup, love the pictures. Thanks for the post!

  18. We sure hope he can relax and get some rest. Those pain meds are very confusing to doggies.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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