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Monday, April 18, 2016

Rambunctious Snowy Shyla and Caterwauling R

The first photo sums up a big part of what I love about Shyla. She started out so scared. Together, we've traveled a long way and now she's never afraid when it's just her and me. Today, near the beginning of our snowshoe hike, she almost flattened me by not stopping as she ran at me and my camera. Look at those eyes, so full of energy, happiness, and a rambunctiousness that I wasn't sure I'd ever see when I first met her.

I love this dog and the bond that we've built.

On these days of very slow snowshoeing through deep cement-like snow, Shyla makes it so much more fun. She loves it. I can't convince her to walk easily in my snowshoe tracks for long. Soon, she needs to run and bursts around me into the untracked snow. It looks like such hard work. She uses a leaping strategy, bursting high out of the snow, flying a little, and then landing again.

Barely above the snow, she leaps forward.

And then lands.

Occasionally, she just stops and rests, with only her face above the snow. The snow is actually deeper than she is tall so I'm grateful everytime I see her snout above the snow!

At our furthest point from home, we crossed moose tracks. They were huge tracks. Walking in them would have made travel much easier for me and Shyla. Shyla really wanted us to follow them. I knew that there was a moose at the end of the tracks so I called her back. I will not voluntarily go near moose after being charged by one. Shyla is so good about coming back, even when it's not what she really wants to do. She motors through the snow at top speed to get her reward from me.
Despite the tough conditions, we had a lot of fun.

That happy and tired feeling disappeared when we walked in the door to the sound of R caterwauling - it's a sound somewhere between a whine, cry, howl, with an occasional yip thrown in. I then spent some time trying to figure out how to make him happier.

I gave him a sedative but he still wasn't completely quiet after an hour. So, I moved him out of his crate, and I put him on a short tether next to his favorite bed. He immediately looked much happier. There was even a little sparkle in his eyes.
Usually he loves his crate. He sleeps in it voluntarily during the day. Not now.

Safely ensconced on his favorite dog bed, he went to sleep and hasn't stirred for hours. That's what his body needs so I'm happy.


  1. Shyla, you are some fun snow gal! Poor R, we are sure glad you helped him find a comfy.

  2. That picture of Shyla up to her head is so funny!! R looks like he's ready to get out of that collar and run!!

  3. It must have been such a relief to see R feeling more at ease! This recovery period is going to have rough moments for everyone, but at least you'll be counting down to better times ahead.
    And the energy of Shyla! Unbelievable. Great snaps, KB!

  4. Glad to hear that R has been able to settle and get comfy - he must be exhausted.

  5. Shyla is such a trooper pushing through the snow. Wishing R a painless light

  6. Oh, to have even a tenth of Shyla Energy:) Poor R - he is probably wondering what happened here? Hope tomorrow brings him a bit more peace and content.

  7. Shyla needs to turn the tables and start taking pictures of you. I'd love to see how you keep warm lying in the snow to get these shots.

  8. The snow is very heavy. A little exercise feels like a lot. Even on the skis, I'm sinking and gathering knee-high snow as I plow forward. Poor R. He's probably disoriented now and frightened. I wish him fast healing.

  9. Firstly, Shyla, I am SO envious of your snows! I am generally hot, even on a cool day, so I think snows are just the ticket for me. Unfortunately I don't live where it snows. :-( Secondly, R, I've been tethered near a bed when I was young and rambunctious, and it helped me stay calm - especially when I could see my mom. I hope you are knowing that I have my paws crossed so you can have a speedy recovery. It's kinda hard to walk, butt you're a good friend.


  10. That Shyla is something else! Glad you found a way for r to be more comfortable with his situation. Keeping him and all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

  11. Glad the change made R comfortable for a while. Guess it's like we humans are...we love our beds like R loves his crate but if we can't get comfortable in them we want out. Fingers and paws still crossed for all of you. It's hard for everyone.

  12. Such beautiful photos of Shyla .... she so loves running through the snow. Poor R ..... he looks so worried. I'm glad you could make him a little more comfortable. Sleep tight sweet R. Sleep is good!!

  13. So fun to see Shyla in the deep snow. We are glad the R was able to get some rest
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. That Shyla girl,,, loves living !!!! She is so happy!
    And were glad that R is getting some rest.

  15. Thank you for the happy pictures. :)

    Poor R. I'm glad you managed to make him comfortable.

  16. Shyla looks like she is having so much fun! Poor R! It's good you figured out how to make him more comfortable!

  17. Hari OM
    It's one thing to choose the crate, quite another to be confined involuntarily, is it not 'R'?! Glad you found some comfort... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  18. You are one special pup Shyla. All that snow looks like fun. And R I know the feeling, nothing worse than a doughnut head while you're in your crate
    Lily (& Edward)

  19. maybe R feels more "involved" when he is not in his crate? I hope so much that the pains go away and 87 diamonds will sparkle in his eyes with joy when he takes the first steps with his "new" elbow :o)

  20. My angel sister Cinderella was the same way during heartworm treatment. She usually had no problem with her crate, but when she wasn't feeling well, she just didn't want anything to do with it! Momma usually kept her leashed by Momma's chair, with Cinderella's favorite bed by it. That way Cinderella got to be near Momma and be comfy. She was completely happy that way.

  21. May I suggest some Tellington TTouch ear work to help R be calm,comfortable, and assist in recovery? You can find videos online. And there are a lot of practitioners in CO who could help, as well. Happy healing!

  22. So glad R is able to get some rest! That pic of Shyla in the snow up to her head is amazing BOL! Now let's get it melted!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. That snow looks like so much fun! I'm sending lots and lots of AireZen and healing vibes for you, R!

    Love ya lots♥

  24. I can't beieve how deep the snow is, ut it looks like Shyla is really enjoying it!

    I'm so glad R is finally getting some well earned sleep, poor guy!

  25. I hope that R is feeling better by now! I'm taking P to a specialist in Maryland for elbow surgery in a couple of weeks. :o(

  26. Poor R! It's okay big guy, rest now so you can join the fun later :)


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