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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sheer exhaustion

We've really done it this time. I am exhausted beyond words from some big events in our lives. I really will be sporadic in posting for a little while. I could barely keep my eyes open to write this very short post today.

I wish that I had Shyla's energy!

Part of my exhaustion is my very own fault. I try to do too much in life because so many things fascinate me. It means that I don't miss out on much but I crash with exhaustion sometimes. At least I don't crash from high altitude!

If only I had the energy of our Shyla! Hmm, I already said that, didn't I?
I love that last photo of her. It might need to be a banner photo for a little while so that I can see it every day!

Don't worry about my sporadic posting in the near future. I promise that it will get back to normal after some rest.


  1. Rest well, KB... and relive the memories of the life events you didn't let pass by. The exhaustion you will recover from but if you hadn't have done the various things you wanted to do, perhaps those would be lost forever. You did the right thing. You chose the right price to pay. :) In my view anyway. Take care~ Andrea

  2. Hari OM
    good oh... see you when we see you &*> YAM xx

  3. she is amazing!!! we send you some POTP maybe that helps a little to get some energy back?

  4. You lead such a physically active life, a break is a good thing! Your body, and expecially your body with such spine issues, needs to rest. I hope you feel rejuvinated soon or would that be re-Shyla-nated ;-)

  5. That last photo is a winner, Shyla! Get plenty of rest, KB!

  6. Rest well, your deserve a time for yourself.
    We thank you for sharing Shyla and R with us.
    xo Astro

  7. Those photos are terrific! Get plent of rest and enjoy some down time!

  8. Humans try to do too much. Be more dog! Play hard but nap often.

  9. Life gets so packed full of stuff, my mom is always tired out, but she keeps on going somehow. I guess it is better than being bored and doing nothing.

  10. Yes, every day I wish I had Luke's energy! I tend to overdo sometimes too, and there are days I wonder why I try to do so much. I recently cut out one day of blogging per week because I just needed to give myself a break, at least for the summer while we're so busy trying to enjoy the weather while it lasts. You just have to sometimes!
    We'll look forward to hearing more from you when you rested up - take care of yourself!
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

  11. Life is soo very short, I totally understand the need to smoosh as much in as possible.
    Enjoy some much deserved rest!!

  12. Get all the rest you need. We'll need chuckles about Shyla snarfing down treats like that one about. Hilarious!

  13. HA! That really IS a great picture of her!
    Get some rest!

  14. Great catch, Shyla!!! Now KB, do take care of yourself - get some rest and relaxation!!! Orders from your Blogging Mom:)

  15. We will miss you and the pups KB; sending big hugs and will be watching for your return.

  16. Rest, relax, and take care of yourself, KB. You don't have to do everything. All the things you want to do will wait.

  17. Rest well, and long, You know when your body says, stop for a while. Those high altitudes are always there for you all to enjoy.


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