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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thankful for a Blizzard

During the drought in 2018, the summer was scary with fears of forest fires never leaving our minds. So, yesterday, I actually felt thankful when it snowed several inches per hour to give us at least an 20" snowstorm. Due to the wind that came with the snow, it was technically a blizzard. I have seen the news reports hyping this storm - but let me assure you that it was just a normal March storm for us. This happens almost every year, and experienced mountain folks know how to handle it.

Because I am crazy about riding my bike outdoors,  I actually tried to ride my Meriwether fat bike during the storm. First, I tried the trails behind our house with Shyla. It was impossible to ride with powder up to my knees. So, we walked for a while and then headed home.

For newer readers, by way of explanation, I am really determined to ride my bike every day because it is the *only* thing that staves off spine pain. I have two long sections of my spine surgically fused so keeping the pain at bay is a daily undertaking. I feel so lucky to have discovered the power of cycling for my spine pain because it is so much better for me than taking medicines.

My next try at riding today was on our driveway, which the Runner had just cleared. It's reasonably long so I thought that I'd ride up and down it a few times. It was good at first... and then the wind kicked up. With the snow pelting into my face, I literally couldn't see far enough to avoid running into trees. So, my rational side won, and I headed inside.

I love my Meriwether fat bike! This is my 10th season of fat biking in the snow!

After my riding attempts, we all stayed indoors for a few hours by the fire, watching the snow pile up outside the windows. When the crazies hit our bored puppy around sunset time, we headed out to snowshoe for a while. This was the first really big snow storm that Hachi has been able to play in. The snow was taller than his shoulders but it was dense so he didn't fall in too deeply.

The dogs were off leash so we practiced some recalls as they frolicked around us. Hachi is a determined puppy - he wants to win every recall race! Do you see the look in his eyes?

As a dog born far to the south of here, I suspect that he was flabbergasted by the snow!
After this day of pelting snow, I'm hoping for a day of sunshine and blue skies tomorrow! And I'm dreaming that this snow leads to many wildflowers in May.


  1. oh I bet he will win every race even in such deep snow ;O) I learnt to ride a bike in winter because Santa brought my first bike to me... but I have to admit that this ended in a blizzard too ...a mental one LOL

  2. hachi looks like the ultimate competitor... glad you found a way to play outside. hurry sunshine

  3. Go Hachi go! He sure is having a fun snow romp!

  4. Hari OM
    Crikey... mind you, we had a storm too, but rain. Probably measured about the same in litres, though a great deal less beautiful! I do NOT venture out the door in such weather. YAM xx

  5. Isn't snow just the most perfect and most beautiful stuffs ever, Hachi?!

  6. I was actually thinking about those pups yesterday. We had a beautiful day with ominous cloud movement overhead. NO Snow Unfortunately!! Light rain here and there but nothing worth measuring really. I must say, YOU capture such brilliant moments and I simply can't thank you enough. Not just the eyes, but the force of movement inside a two dimensional photograph. This is also a double edge sword for me as I have become quite attached to BLK Dog. Anytime someone plays the "if you won the billion dollar lottery game " I always respond with," I would buy land and raise a farm of dogs." The perimeter of the property would have a motion sensor train set that would cruise around anytime a dog jumps on. Now that I think about it, why not a car on a track like a Disneyland??? Hell, both on my farm. Dogs, wish they out lived us humans.

    Anyway, long story short, AMAZING PHOTOS. Keep Them Coming

  7. Thank goodness for the March snow....the wild fires scare me so much for all of you living out there.
    Looks like Hachi has found his snow legs that boy finds joy no matter what.
    Your Meriwether bike is amazing and it looks like it has built in hand warmers!!
    Stay warm all
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. We were worried about you yesterday, but it sounds like this was business as usual:) We hope the snow brings beautiful flowers too because we love seeing your photos of them. Hachi sure is one determined little guy!!!

  9. I hope you didn't get in too much pain thanks to the storm. If I were young, I would love a bike like that. And Hachi is just like Faith -- has to be number one. Or so it seems and, as always, the pictures of hims are so great.

  10. Your pups are all adorable and Hachi is the crown jewel. If you live in the mountain you learn how to cope with copious amounts of snow. It's just how you roll. Glad you're okay.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  11. While we experienced power outages during the storm, it only snowed about 8-12 inches. Still a lot for the city with residents who neglect to shovel their walks. This morning's walk was interesting to say the least with both dogs biffing it. It's a wonder I managed to stay upright.

  12. That looks beautiful and fun. Wish we had more snow instead of this rain, but it is March. Those weather people sure love the hype, but we are tired of hearing it to find out nothing really is happening.

  13. Most larger dogs do love the snow. Clearly Hachi already seems to love it.

  14. I admire your determination! Hachi has seemed to adjust the winter fairly easily. I love how he does everything with such intensity. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. I'm having wildflower dreams, too! We are at the point of not knowing where to put the snow that Bob plows and shovels! Hachi looks determined.

  16. "After my riding attempts, we all stayed indoors for a few hours by the fire, watching the snow pile up outside the windows." Yep, that's right where we would all be. Question: does a stationary or recumbent bike not help?

  17. Go Hachi!!! My first Irish Wolfhound was born in Arizona, and when she saw her first Colorado winter, I think she believed I had arranged the snow for her entertainment :)

  18. Yes.. Hachi is very determined!


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