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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Training Tuesday: Shyla Mimicking Me

You all might remember that I dabbled in teaching Shyla to mimic me more than a year ago. Back then, she learned to mimic a few of my behaviors, and then I let it drop. Until about two months ago, I think that both Shyla and I had forgotten all about it.

Two months ago, I decided to dedicate some time to it again. It is one of the most fun ways to teach a dog new behaviors. In fact, after two months of practicing, I've taught Shyla more complex combinations of behaviors than I've taught her any other way.

When teaching a dog mimicry, you start with very simple behaviors that your dog already knows how to do. One of the hardest parts is figuring out how to imitate a dog's way of doing something like crawling or carrying a toy in their mouth. In this video and the next one (probably next week), you'll get to see my silly imitations.

One of the behaviors that you'll see me do and then Shyla imitate it is the one shown in this photo - resting her chin between her front paws. It was one of the first ones that she learned to imitate.

Here is the first video of Shyla mimicking my behaviors. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to laugh at us!

I really love teaching our dogs new ways of learning and fun games that we can do together. Mimicry falls into both of those categories!

In case you're interested, there is a book lays out how to teach your dog to imitate you.


  1. oooh that is great!!! we try that too... but if we imitate her in da kitchen she gets angry... sigh...

  2. WOW! Shyla is amazing! You can tell she really loves training with you. A special bond indeed - one that can never be broken.

  3. That really is amazing and so much fun to see Shlya enjoying herself!

  4. OMD!!!
    You are a great imitator!
    We are not laughing at either one of you.
    Shyla is very smart to learn so fast.

  5. You are absolutely the smartest girl we know, Shyla! What a SuperFun video!

  6. Oh my goodness. That video is amazing. You also have a lovely home.

    Have a woof woof day, Shyla. My best to your smart mom. ♥

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH my Dogs....did you hear the clapping from down here in Dixie!! My word above.
    I'm in awe of you two ladies!! Shyla you are an excellent copy 'cat'!
    KB what a beautiful wall of windows you have.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. I can't stop smiling, this is sooooooooooooooooo wonderful. I can't decide who is the smartest, You for teaching or Shyla for learning.

  9. The last one was what I call complex and Shyla did it all!!! Way to go, both of you!!

  10. We never thought of imitating. Mom imitates us sometimes, but not the other way around. Looks like you both enjoy the game.

  11. One of my attempts to slow Piper down when we both got tired of "waaaaalllllk" - she prefers to GALLOP through the house, which is actually dangerous for all concerned - was teaching her to crawl on command. I can't lean or get on the floor very easily, so my cue was to put both arms straight out in front of me and then slide alternate hands forward and back, with the verbal cue "creep!" It was just amazing how quickly she picked it up.

  12. You are both clever girls....BOL! So cute.

  13. How fun to see Shyla enjoying herself so much as she works with you (and likewise you enjoying her!). That's what training is all about. I am amazed at how effective mimicry training is. You're always an inspiration - Obi, Rowan and I will have to give it a try.

    Chris from Boise

  14. Such a fun training session...and a very smart girl!!

  15. That is so impressive! Frankly, it amazes me that dogs can do this!! It's definitely on my list of things I'd like to try with Luke some day.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  16. That is amazing! Shyla sure is a smart girl.

  17. To say we are impressed doesn't do justice to how much we admire you and Shyla!!! That is fantastic work!!! With that last one with the three moves, we could only think of the electronic game Simon:) Wonder how many things you could get her to string together:)

  18. Very impressive! I remember your first video when you started doing that. You two have come a long way since then. You two make quite a team!

  19. I cannot get enough of this! I keep coming back to look and watch,, and smile,, and giggle!
    Shyla is amazing,, and KB,, you are an amazing teacher!
    Shyla will do anything for you! Devotion!

  20. This really is amazing, I didn't know there was anything like it. I ordered the book, thank you for posting the link. I can see where this will be fantastic in working on Freestyle with Xena. And yes, I think Shyla is amazing, too!


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