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Monday, July 12, 2021

The Hachi Chronicle

I spent some one-on-one time with Hachi this week, just him and me out in the meadows. He's started playing this funny game where he stops someplace behind me, seemingly begging me to do a recall. It's fun!

We hiked, cut down invasive weeds, and did a few photos.

We don't do much one-on-one time because it makes Shyla upset. I left her in the house, and I could hear her barking in dismay. I think that's part of why Hachi looks so serious in these photos. I need to try it at a time that the Runner is home to hang out with Shyla.

Despite construction ramping up again, Hachi had a decent week. He did get a bit tense when the work was noisy or he could hear unfamiliar voices. He also had a little fall-out from his vet visit. He suddenly seemed suspicious of the bucket game (which we tried to use at the vet office). We backed off on it, basically making it into a game where the "handling" is just petting. That seems to be helping.

I hope to find some one-on-one time with Hachi this week too! I realized that solo time was when our Black Dog and I built our bond, and that it would be fun to add that to Hachi's and my life together. I'd love to be able to get Hachi to play goofy little games outside. I'm going to try!

Have a great Monday!

PS - Our internet has not been working. If I cannot get to someplace with internet to post, I may be absent. I hope that it's fixed soon.


  1. we hope your internet will work better soon... and we enjoy this solo time too, bu the mama feels always bad when one of us has to wait at home...

  2. I've often thought about having two dogs, but this post has reminded me how difficult it would be, as the only human in the household, to manage things like 'one on one time'. And much else besides!
    Have a great week with Hachi.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Sometimes if I take my Bob out to walk without our Willow, I hear her howling for him. She doesn't like to be separated from her dog!

  4. Hari OM
    that lost photo is one for framing... I have no doubt at all that you will work out the best 1-1 timing... and sure hope you don't have the i-lack for too long. It is one of the great necessities of 21stC life!!! YAM xx

  5. Oh no not the internet the lifeline to the outside world. Hope they get it fixed soon and I'm so glad that you and hot you had fun together and those ears in the first one have me laughing out loud

  6. Such cute pictures of Hachi. We're glad he had a mostly good week. Our paws are crossed that your internet gets back up and running soon.

  7. Fun photos of your boy! Good luck with the internet.

  8. Go Team Human - Gorgeous Wildflowers There - Thankfully I Stopped By Here Because I'm Leaving With A Smile In My Heart


  9. I'm glad Hachi has had a good week. Always a welcome thing.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  10. We're happy to hear that Hachi had a mostly good week and the one on one time is something for him to look forward to once he realizes that Shyla is okay.

  11. KB hugs to you and the pack.
    I'm glad Hachi had a good week...Shyla darling you are a good and patient sister

  12. It can be hard to find that 1:1 time, especially if the other dog does not appreciate being left home. We find the same true with Obi and Rowan, so appreciate your predicament. It's a good goal!

    Chris from Boise

    PS Pleased to hear that Obi has had only minor fallout from the vet visit.

  13. Such beautiful pictures of Hachi running in the fields of flowers. One on one time is so important. Xena and I get that partially during her Freestlyle training both at home and at the Obedience Club with our trainer. Hoping you can find a way to make that work without upsetting Shyla.

  14. One on one was crucial for Brut and I. If I didn't have that inner connection, no telling how much more difficult it would have been.

    Follow your Hachi Chronicles makes me not want to have another behavior challenged dog again. It reminds me how hard it is and sometimes with little rewards. The only thing that kept me together was the bond I had with Brut and our deep relationship. If it wasn't for that I don't know if I could have followed through those eight years he was with me. I may not always comment, but I am always rooting you on and following the progress and the pain. You have a special place in my heart KB because of Hachi. Take care.♥

  15. One on one time is good with all dogs, not just the ones who have issues. We all love it when it is our turn. Even though we are fine, we protest when one dog gets to go and the others not. It is a normal thing. Hope you get some more one on one with Hatchi.

  16. Sorry about your 'Net issues. So vexing! Really love that last image of Hachi-he looks so peaceful in the colorful wildflowers. Great capture!


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