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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Black Dog Sunday

On the morning that we departed for the desert, we had the most brilliant sunrise in a long time. I loved seeing it over our meadow. It reflected off my greenhouse, making me smile.

The silhouettse of the treeline was glorious!

It immediately reminded me of a time that Shyla chased our Black Dog across a mesa in the desert. We had so much fun playing these chasing games every time we visited this spot. The memory made me smile!

Memories of our Black Dog still cut both ways for me. They make me sad because I miss how much fun we all had when he was alive. But, I can't help but smile at the way he embraced life.

Happy Black Dog Sunday.


  1. they are both levitating off the ground. this is a wonderful memory for you and for all of us

  2. A lovely memory to recall the fun times. The photos are simply beautiful!

  3. Happy Black Dog Sunday...R spoke to my heart with his love of life and gusto
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. If only we could all be like R was, and love and live life to the fullest every single day.He gave off so much delight in everything he did, memories, joyful and sad all together.

  5. Gorgeous Photos - Long Live BLK Dog And BLK Dog Sundays - Go Team Human


  6. That sunrise is beyond awesome! As is the silhouette photo of the dog chase in the desert.

  7. Happy Black Dog Every Day dear heart!
    just think how many lives he touched during his life!
    thanks to you we still can enjoy his loving wonderful spirit! XO

  8. What a glorious sunrise! We can tell how much Shyla and R enjoyed their chase games. Memories of R always bring smiles to us but we can see how it would be bitter sweet for you.

  9. Bittersweet memories, but still wonderful to have. We miss R too. And K. Wish our pups' time with us could be a lot longer.

  10. What an amazing sunrise! So beautiful and a good omen for heading toward the desert.


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