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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sweet escape of a bike ride

gToday's ride helped me escape most of the back pain lingering from yesterday. I was up early to be on the trails when they were still frozen solid. The sunrise looked like a fire through the pine forest surrounding our house. That vision was scarier than usual after the wildfires in Boulder over the past few days.

Then, out on the trail, the sunrise continued to develop. I felt lucky to be alive. These are my sacred moments.

The weather looked bad in the direction that I was planning to ride. However, it was my lucky day, and it didn't start to snow until the last quarter mile of my ride.

I rode up a very snowy trail to a spot where the columbines shine with beauty in June and July. I visit this spot frequently in the summer to see the blanket of columbines under the aspens. It looks barren now but the columbines are in suspended animation underground, waiting for their time to bloom.
It won't be that long until we see those impossibly delicate flowers again. The days are already perceptibly longer.

I ended the daylight hours with a short ramble in the woods with my dogs. We searched for a hummingbird nest that has hung tough in an aspen grove through some big storms over a few years but we couldn't find it. Perhaps the 80 mph winds blew it down or perhaps I wasn't looking in the right place. I love poking around in the woods, especially with a sunset like this one as the backdrop.

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